“Deep End of Abuse at the Ripe Old Age of 21”: While Young Bodybuilder Flaunts His Steroid-Induced Physique, Worried Fitness World Doubts if He’ll Last Long

Bodybuilding as a sport can get its participants a bit ambitious. It is not just the passion that drives every bodybuilder; some might want to skip the process and leap up to the desired destination only. This shortcut is attained through means that most people in the community do not recommend. However, when one wants to reach their target, they do it at any cost. On the same lines, Sam Sulek, a 21-year-old bodybuilder, has recently found his breakthrough with his incredibly shredded physique and has become famous on the internet as a fitness influencer. However, there have been talks about steroid usage and how it is going to affect the young bodybuilder’s seemingly bright future.

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Sam Sulek exhibits his humongous body

In a recent YouTube short, Sam Sulek shows off his physique through several pose portrayals. He starts the video by laughing at the shadow that his chest muscles create that looks like a snake. Then he proceeds to take off his shirt to reveal the sculpted body he has been working so hard for. The video attests to the phenomenal body transformation he has gone through after the accused steroid usage.


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Although, @aegfitness8047, the YouTube channel that uploaded the short video, wrote in the caption of the reel, “Halfway Through The Cut Sam Sulek LOOKS INSANE,” most of the community looked concerned for the bodybuilder.

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The fans were shocked and concerned and did not hesitate to express their true feelings about the 21-year-old fitness influencer. They passed on thorough judgments to showcase the probable consequences in the comments section of the video.

Sam Sulek fans are worried about the looming consequences


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One of the fans wrote, “This is drug addiction driven by body dysmorphia. He’s not gunna lay off the drugs and he appears to already be diving into the deep end of abuse at the ripe old age of 21. I’m curious to see how long he’ll last.” While another jeered at him, “I love how surprised he is at his results when he’s like a walking chemistry lab.” 

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Someone sarcastically uttered the steroid he is probably consuming, “Must be hitting that tren hard”. Yet another fan remarked, “If children can hop on hormones to “transition”, gymbros are allowed to use gear”. Last but not least, someone expressed fear for him and penned, “Love this dudes content but I’ll be surprised if he lives past 40.🙏”.


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In this era of bodybuilding, the accusation of PED use is getting too popular. The fitness community mostly does not promote the use of drugs. However, more often than not, bodybuilders let their intrusive thoughts win. What are your thoughts on Sam Sulek’s physique and steroid usage? Let us know in the comments.

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