Dealing With Sister-in-Law’s Cancer Battle, 7X Mr. Olympia Makes a Heart-Wrenching Confession: “Life Isn’t Easy”

Bodybuilding is one of the strengthened sports. It’s not just about having a monstrous physique, but also having the toughest mental state. But even the giant bodybuilders can feel helpless when things go out of their hands and they cannot control the situation, like health issues. Seven times Mr. Olympia Phil Heath was also facing a similar situation, but this time it was not him, but one close person from his family, Jeannie, his sister-in-law, who was going through cancer.

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However, the Dream Killer has been motivating his fans by showing his bravery during hard times and instilling faith that things will get better. In his new Instagram post, Heath talked about the tough time’s been through and how others can learn and overcome.

Make this fourth your best quarter: Phil Heath


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Even though he faced many challenges, whether during the competition or in life, he wanted to encourage and inspire his followers to do the right thing, accept the situation, and move forward. He shared his experience to help others find strength and motivation.


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The world is a formidable sphere, and it can be incredibly discouraging from time to time. It’s tough because the surroundings can be so gloomy.”Life isn’t easy, but it becomes easier to those who decide to champion through whatever comes their way with positivity, resourcefulness, discipline, and massive action,” says The Gift.


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In life, it’s easy to lose hope and feel downhearted, but it’s essential to find moments of kindness and compassion. Instead, “Procrastination ain’t gonna get a win, neither is complaining nor making excuses. Being stuck in the past losses or even resting on your previous wins won’t either as it’s a new day and this day requires a better YOU!” said Heath. According to him, don’t just wait for the right time to come, or make further excuses.

Heath’s sister-in-law battling cancer

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Moreover, he said that do not dwell on the past because you cannot undo it, and start focusing on today, and try to be better than yesterday. Heath’s witty and motivating nature shines as he deals with his family’s current situation. 


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In one of the posts, His sister-in-law, Jeannie removed her hair and her new look resembled Heath’s current look. As the latter tries to cool down the emotional air, he jokes about it swiftly, stating, “Jeannie, you look beautiful! Like you said, now Shurie will be the Weirdo with the hair and it will be us 3 with our bad a** bald heads.” Jeannie’s battle with leukemia is commendable. She shaved her head and received cheers for her courage.

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