“Days Left to Live”: Britain’s Strongwoman of 2023 Dedicates Trophy to Special Someone After Overcoming Gut-Wrenching Past to Claim the Throne

Rebecca Roberts is redefining what it is to be the world’s strongest woman. This is not just because of her incredible physical strength, lifting 661 pounds, but also because she overcame life’s extreme difficulties and hardships along the way. The 28-year-old’s numerous titles, world records, and world championship status are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her achievements and life story. With both parents hospitalized since she was 13, she learned how to take care of herself at a very young age. She is the strongest woman in the world, with a degree in forensic psychology and criminal justice, and she is always making her parents and siblings proud.

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Roberts recently won Britain’s Strongest Woman championships and dedicated the trophy to her father. Her recent Instagram post was not just a heartfelt tribute to her father but a roundabout conclusion for all the negativity she went through in life.

Rebecca Roberts makes her parents proud


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Roberts went through immense hardships from a young age and even in university, but that made her more determined to prove herself. From 2016 onwards, Roberts continued to dominate the field of strong women and grip competitions and started a winning streak with the 2017 World Grip Championship. However, she again had to channel her suffering into success when her husband passed away due to heart failure.

With her recent win, she not only overcame her mental turmoil due to the increased hardships of life but also etched her name permanently in the field of weightlifting. She dedicated her win to her father. Her Instagram caption read, “Trophy safely delivered to Dad, I showed him all the videos from the competition, and he was so proud. I just have no words. It meant SO much to me to have done this for him. My Dad is such a fighter.”

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She continued to write about her father’s illness and penned, “We were told last week he had days left to live and he is still here, defying the odds although we know his time is coming to an end. It has ALWAYS been a habit to take every trophy to my dad after a show to keep him involved in my life, and to be able to bring him one last trophy just makes me so emotional. Dad, I promise I will always make you proud.” Roberts indeed made him proud with her continuous achievements, even when her life was falling apart from a young age.


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The hardships in Rebecca’s life made her the world’s strongest woman

The strongest woman in the world is from North Wales, and she has faced a lot of suffering since her young age. Her mother passed away when she was 12, and shortly after, her father became mentally unstable and needed psychiatric help due to dementia when Rebecca was 13.

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She and her four siblings were put into care, but this did not stop her from achieving her goals. She went to university and earned her degree in forensic psychology and criminal justice, even while facing extreme adversities during that time as well. Roberts later found an outlet through weightlifting and training to become a strong woman. Her coach was Paul Savage, a former Stroman competitor. He not only became her mentor but also her life partner. Roberts never gave up and is still pushing through the enormous weight that life throws at her.


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What do you think of her resilience and perseverance? Even after the struggles that she went through in her life, she channeled them into something positive. Did this story find you at the right time? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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