Days After 80-Y.O. Joe Biden Shockingly Froze Mid-Speech, Arnold Schwarzenegger Delivers Harsh Advice: “Start Thinking About Stepping Aside”

Seven-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger has proven time and again that the age-old saying ‘age is just a number’ is actually true. The bodybuilding legend works out daily and follows a strict diet despite being 76 years old. However, with time, the human body ages and becomes fragile and weaker. Even the ‘Terminator’ cannot stay strong forever. Realizing this, Schwarzenegger recently discussed the importance of retiring at the right time and giving your younger generations a chance to prove their mettle. 

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Giving his honest take on the right time to retire from politics, Arnold recently made a bold statement. Let’s take a look.

The right time to retire from politics, according to Arnold Schwarzenegger


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‘The Austrian Oak’ has had a successful career in all of his professional ventures, including a bodybuilding career, a glamorous Hollywood career, and as the 38th Governor of California. While serving as the Governor of California was something that many of his close ones did not support, he made sure to give his best and serve his nation in the best way possible. However, he admitted recently during an interview that one should realize on his own when the right time to retire is.

Talking about this in a Wall Street Journal WJSTech Live interview, Schwarzenegger said, “It’s very hard to say what is the age limit on anything, especially in politics; I mean, that you can see certain people that all of a sudden freeze in the middle of a sentence.” Continuing further, Schwarzenegger said, “But if he freezes, there’s something going on.”

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Arnold admits that he believes it is the right time to hand over the torch to the younger generation “rather than squishing them.”

Schwarzenegger gives his two cents on the issue 


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Arnold continued by pointing out that he was aware that there were some arguments, saying that the leader in the debate (80-year-old Joe Biden) was thinking about a complicated issue, which is why he froze. However, “The Green Governor” doesn’t seem to agree with this. “I don’t buy into it. But I mean, people like that should then start thinking about stepping aside and letting a newer generation step in,” Schwarzenegger pointed out.

76-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger brought forward a very reasonable case. He insisted that political leaders who are way too old should focus more on their health and wellbeing and give the youth a chance. “I just believe that we should look for the new breed in both parties—for the new breed, for the new generation, a new generation of leaders—rather than squishing them,” Arnold concluded.


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Schwarzenegger himself is focusing more and more on his health as he ages. Being at the tough age of 76 now, he understands the difficulties that a person faces in old age. What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments.

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