“Damn! Did I Miss an Opportunity”: At Age 50, 4XMr. Olympia Jay Cutler Wonders if He Could’ve Had 5 Olympia Titles in His Kitty

Jay Cutler has always been influential in the bodybuilding world. After coming from a family with a hard financial background, he established his name in the industry through sheer dedication and hard work. Cutler won Mr. Olympia four times and gave a huge competition to eight-time Olympian Ronnie Coleman. The ‘Comeback Kid’ brought in a lot of changes in the industry as well.

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In a recent session with the Menace Podcast, he shared his one regret from his career. Let’s see what Cutler regrets the most.

Jay Cutler might have one 2002 Olympia


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Jay Cutler likes the multi-year competitions. He also signed a contract for three years with ISSI. The young Cutler did not know how his career was going to pan out. He signed with Olympia in 2000. And then, according to him, he almost won in 2001 by a fluke.

After this, he started narrating how he regretted one decision during that time. The IFBB pro said, “As you guys know, I sat out in 2002. I wasn’t forced to complete, and probably as I get a little older, I’m like, damn, did I miss an opportunity? Right, because that was the year, I mean, Ronnie did come in smaller.” So the arch-rival of Ronnie Coleman considered that he might have won his fifth Olympian if he had participated in 2002.

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The four-time Mr. Olympia winner not only won Mr. Olympia. But he was also the reason that the testing system in the competition was withdrawn. This was in 2003, just after one year, when he decided to sit out of the competition.


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Coleman talks about the testing system withdrawal due to Jay Cutler

In an interview back in May 2002, Coleman talked about the testing system that was prevalent when he started bodybuilding. He also highlighted that iconic champion Cutler was behind an integral decision in Mr. Olympia’s competitions.

After the death of a bodybuilder in 1996, this testing system began in the competitions. The main component that was looked for was any illegal diuretics that were used by the bodybuilders to enhance their muscles. Cutler had tested positive for diuretics in 2003 when he threatened the organization, saying that he might sue them. This has led to the withdrawal of the testing system. They were like, ‘Okay, well, we won’t keep testing, and you get the chance to keep your prize money too. We will just do away with the testing,’” said the Mr. Olympia champ. He further stated, “Jay changed that. They didn’t test anymore after that.


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Jay Cutler had a huge impact on the bodybuilding world, and he might have won Mr. Olympia’s participation in 2002. What do you think would have happened? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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