“Damaged Part of My Colon” 65 YO Fit Granny Reveals Shocking Health Issues That Prompted Her To Start Her Fitness Regime

We have heard stories of people around the world that nobody ever supported their entire life until they started their journey into fitness. Thereafter, life becomes smooth and happy. A sixty-five-year-old woman who is famously known as Granny Guns on social media recently shared her inspiring story.

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Granny Guns’ real name is Marlene Flowers. She delved into the fitness world when she was 58 years old. And channels her emotions into getting stronger. Initially, with the help of her son, she started working out at home. Gradually, after four years of training, she hit the gym but was afraid to face people.

Granny Guns motivating the world with her astonishing journey


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However, being an under-confident person, she garnered all the courage and started her professional training at the gym. There were no rose petals on her path. Instead, it was full of thorns. Because of her two toxic and failed marriages, she faced a lot of challenges. She lost herself and her confidence.

Although her son helped him to get over these upsetting situations. In an interview with Women’s Health, she shed light on her life and how she got the bravery to live a happy life. “I was physically fit as a teenager, but after two toxic marriages, my confidence, body image, and self-worth were shot. As a result, I struggled with an eating disorder and it damaged part of my colon to the point that I required surgery,” says Granny.

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She further said that because of her surgery, she was determined to change her life around, “After reparative surgery and a stint in the hospital, I knew it was time for a change. I wanted to live longer and happier.” Flowers’ fitness journey started in 2015. Like many others, she is also fond of the living legend Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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Flowers gets her inspiration from Austrian Oak

She began testing herself and kept pushing to an extent, which helped her with her professional training. Now she trains people and wishes to inspire the world to resume their fitness journey. However, in one of her recent posts, she shared a picture with the bodybuilding legend.

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Granny penned down the things she learned from Him. Her caption read, “I had the honor to meet one of my heroes not only in bodybuilding but in work ethic. A man that MADE TIME for the things that are important and stuck to his vision for success.” Like Arnie, she also believed in never giving up and making every day count, grasping the opportunities, and never ever living in the past. Always live your life fullest. Do you think her successful story would inspire people who give excuses for not trying? Share your point of view.

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