“Couldn’t See Out of Either Eye”: Liver King Drops Shocking Truth Bombs About His “Injury” Amidst Sporting an Eye Patch for Days

The advent of the internet has proved to be a blessing to many! However, it also acts as a bane, as it has made access to almost everything a lot easier than before. In an attempt to stand out, people are depending more and more on steroids and performance-enhancing drugs to quickly transform their physiques. One recent scenario where a fitness influencer was busted for his ‘fake-natty’ status is Liver King. 

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While the controversy happened earlier this year, people are still pissed at him for playing with them all along. Now, another problem that Liver King has found himself in is a recent eye injury that he has sustained. Liver King made a new video where he acknowledges the injury and gives insights into his plan of action.

Liver King opens up about his eye injury


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Fitness influencer Brian Johnson, who is commonly known as ‘Liver King’ due to the ancestral lifestyle that he follows, actively makes content on the benefits of consuming raw, unprocessed meats.

For some time, Liver King can be seen wearing an eye patch in his recent videos. Stating the reason behind this, he revealed in a recent Instagram video, “I sustained a pretty serious injury. Well, one point I couldn’t see out of either I still can’t see out of this eye.”

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Continuing further, he said, “[surgeon] says there’s a small percentage chance. I’ll take it. I’m going to do anything and everything I can to recover my eyesight. I’m spending all my time in nature.” Adding to this, he promised, “Whatever happens, I’ll continue to strive and I love the life that I get to create.”

While many fans tend to believe that this is just a gimmick to stay relevant, IFBB Pro Greg Doucette seems to agree with this as he believes that Liver King has not yet stopped taking PEDs as he said he would.

The reason behind Greg Doucette’s suspicion


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Greg Doucette has been into bodybuilding and lifting for several decades now. His years of experience using PEDs and steroids make him believe that Liver King just lied to his audience about coming off steroids when he never really stopped using anabolics.

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According to the IFBB pro coach, “People get used to whatever you are doing the shock value goes down and so as the Liver King continues to make videos, he has to make them more shocking than last time, or else people don’t tune in.” According to Doucette, he needs the performance-enhancing drugs to allow him to look exactly as the audience wants him to look. He argues that there is no point in hoarding money and recognition at the cost of health.


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What are your views on Liver King’s recent revelation about the eye injury? Let us know in the comments.

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