Columbia Psychologist Made Chris Hemsworth Walk Across a 900 Feet Skyscraper for Health Reasons (2022)

The God of thunder, Thor A.k.a. Chris Hemsworth, has never been out of shape and always flaunts his chiseled abs in different movies. The man who has played several action hero roles, and always reprises Avenger’s God of Thunder, has recently ventured into a new form of television with a documentary series. The National Geographic docuseries Limitless with Chris Hemsworth will show the actor in his strongest and fittest form. He will combat the biases against aging and take his body to its full potential.

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In the six-part show, the very first episode features Modupe Akinola, who is a Ph.D., and stress researcher at Columbia Business School. She makes the actor do something shocking where he might start feeling like the Norse god he plays on screen.

Chris Hemsworth overcomes his biggest fear


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“That’s the crane you’ll walk across,” Akinola says pointing at 900 feet up to the Crown Tower skyscraper’s rooftop where Chris Hemsworth has to walk along a steel beam. It is so high up that it is almost as if the mortal Hemsworth is going to reach the abode of Odin any moment.

This is just one of the adventures that Akinola puts Hemsworth through. She does this to trigger the highest form of stress response and strike fear. This will help the actor overcome the chronic stress that comes from his lifestyle. The Ph.D. psychologist also teaches him breathing techniques and mental reframing strategies that eventually help him cross the metal beam.

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While talking about stress, Akinola explains that it is important to acknowledge the presence of stress. She says, “Think of it as a person who shows up at your home unannounced. You know it’s going to make the weekend more challenging, but you still acknowledge them welcome them in, and find a way to treat them right. Why? Because you care about them.”

Mindfulness is another technique that helps in overcoming chronic anxiety and stress. In Limitless, Hemsworth also uses breathing techniques to lower his heart rate from 142 bpm to 86, which helps him walk across the crane at such a huge height. The 40-year-old actor decided to change his life around after getting to know that he has an incurable disease due to family genes and this is where the docu-series also plays a big role.

The Thor Actor had a life-changing news


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The 40-year-old previously discovered an omnibus health warning while doing the Disney show Limitless. His outlook on life completely changed after the revelation.

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During an interview with Vanity Fair, Hemsworth revealed that he was at a higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease due to his genetics. He also said that he was partially aware of this because it had been running in his family.


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Ever since the diagnosis, the extraction actor has changed a lot of aspects of his life. He was already into bodybuilding and fitness because of his acting career, but now he is also improving his mental health along with improving sleep health, and embracing functional fitness. Despite the fear of Alzheimer’s hanging around his head, the actor is positive about the future. Are you excited about seeing the Documentary series? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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