Charmed by Spot-On Impression, Arnold Schwarzenegger Once Asked Comedian-Actor for a Favor Despite an Obvious Political Conflict

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an all-around champion. He has not only taken over the bodybuilding world with seven Mr. Olympias but also Hollywood as well as politics. The Austrian Oak did not leave any opportunity to make a name for himself and has always tried to spread important messages to society. He is also an author and was the former governor of California, so he has fans from different countries and niches. Even other celebrities are huge fans of Arnie.

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In the recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel, the famous actor, and comedian Dax Shepard came into the show to talk about F1 with DRS and other ventures. This is where he shared a funny story about how he met Arnold Schwarzenegger and impressed the former governor.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was excited to meet his fan and wanted a favor from him


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When Jimmy Kimmel asked him about the time that the comedian and podcast juggernaut met Arnold Schwarzenegger. Shepard was more than happy to share the story with him. Shepard started gushing about how much he loves the bodybuilding legend and also said that he watched the latest documentary on Schwarzenegger that is airing on Netflix.

While talking about his idol, he shared a story about how he had the honor to go on a motorcycle ride along with Schwarzenegger, while he was still the governor of California. After the motorcycle ride, both of them, along with eight others, went to a breakfast place. While explaining how the Governator appreciated Shepard’s work, he did a spitting impersonation of the Terminator actor. Nailing his impersonation he revealed what Arnie said, “You know Dax I’ve seen Without The Paddle and I’ve seen the Punk’d. You’re hilarious.” After explaining this anecdote, the comedian said to Jimmy, “I am so happy.”

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Since he got very excited after getting appreciated by his idol, he also did an impersonation in front of Arnold himself, which impressed the bodybuilder more. “So I get a call a week later, and it’s sincerely it’s like ‘will you please hold for the governor.’ And I think someone’s messing with me.” said the Armchair Expert podcast presenter. Surprisingly, the Austrian Oak wanted him to make an impression on him in all of the comedy shows that Shephard opened to. The actor and comedian answered about the obvious conflict they had and said, “Well, Arnold you’re a Republican.” The Fubar actor was more than happy if Dax would impersonate him in his comedy shows and requested him to do so, which Shephard happily obliged. Schwarzenegger has been known to be a very intelligent and humorous man and has shown his humor in more than one instance. He even once saw a dream where people were laughing at him, but it turned in his favor later on.

Arnie’s dream that people laughed at


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Arnold did not see the dream while sleeping, but it was one of his goals that people had laughed at in the 70s. He had a dream that one day there would be more than thousands of gyms and fitness areas in America and people had laughed at him because of this goal.

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However, today this dream has come true, and he has helped make bodybuilding into a mainstream sport. He said, “I think we’ve made incredible progress since the ‘70s—back when I said that my dream was to have more gyms than supermarkets. People were laughing at me for that, and now we’re at a point where people are working out in every hotel, high school, all over.”


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The bodybuilding legend never gave up and succeeded in every single field that he went to. Despite that, he never lost his humble nature and his humor. What do you think about Arnie’s outing with Dax Shepard? Let us know in the comments.

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