Channeling His Inner Mr. Beast, 6’9 450 Lbs Strongman Poses an “Unliftable” Challenge to Public Amidst His Post-Retirement Revelry

Jimmy Donaldson, widely regarded as Mr. Beast in the realms of bodybuilding, is an exceptionally famous athlete among all the bodybuilders. Well, he has earned his name not only with his exceptional strength but also because of pioneering expensive stunts, challenges, and donations. He once even performed a challenge where he tried his hands on all sorts of cars, ranging from the price bracket of $1 to $100,000,000.

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The 6’9 450 lbs Strongman champion followed in the footsteps of Mr. Beast and announced a peculiarly hefty challenge that is almost impossible to get through. Well, since it is Brian Shaw, the rewards too are exceptionally heavy. 

Brian Shaw’s unliftable dumbbell challenge


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Brian Shaw, the Strongman Beast, channeled his inner Mr. Beast and hosted a rogue challenge on the streets. He shared all the insights and rules related to the new challenge on his official YouTube channel @shawstrength. He captioned the video, “Unliftable Dumbbell Challenge Win $1,000.”

With his friend Joel Dircks, Brian Shaw has decided to host a challenge where if anyone is able to lift the unliftable dumbbells they have kept on the street for the challenge, they can take back $1000 home. They placed them in Denver in front of the Coors Field.

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He further goes on to explain, “So, the way this works, you lift the first dumbbell, you get $1. You can trade that dollar in and try the second dumbbell, you win $10. Trade that $10 in, lift the third dumbbell, you get $100. You could trade that $100 in and then lift the final dumbbell and this dumbbell is worth $1000.” A lot of people tried, and most of them were failed attempts, so Brian Shaw himself had to try out something in the demand of a set audience.

Brian Shaw attempting the challenge himself

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As the video gradually proceeded and most of them could just reach the second dumbbell, but none of them could pick up the third one, a group of kids came into the new spot. They demanded that the Strongman Beast himself lift up the dumbbells and he did attempt it, but he posed a condition for it.


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Brian Shaw said that if he could lift the dumbbells and finish the challenge, the kids would have to do five push-ups and everyone agreed well, he lifted the third dumbbell like it was a piece of cake for him and the kids did pull out 5 reps of push-ups making the challenge all the more fun to watch. What do you think about the new challenge? Let us know in the comments section below.

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