Channeling His Iconic 1982 Role, a Delighted 76 YO Arnold Schwarzenegger Announces Some Big News in Style

The Terminator and seven-time Mr. Olympia winner has ventured into several industries in his lifetime. The 76-year-old also has been the governor of California in the past. He came from Austria and a family with a strict father. However, he still remembers one important thing that his father had taught him and his siblings. “Be useful”, is what his father used to say to him, and Arnold Schwarzenegger kept that word. He was useful in more than one way for the world and society, and today he is again using his experience to impart valuable knowledge to the younger generations.

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The FUBAR actor who also has his documentary in Netflix, ventured into becoming an author again. The Austrian Oak has written a book named Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life, that is a compilation of all the tips and tricks to fulfill one’s life, and become successful. He recently gave the good news in a YouTube video that the hard copies of the books were out.

Arnold Schwarzenegger shows his joy for the new book 


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In a short YouTube video of 47 seconds, the Austrian Oak is seen in the backyard of his huge mansion surrounded with flowers and a swimming pool. He is standing in front of a table, but there is a delivery box made out of cardboard. In a true Conan the Barbarian fashion, he opened the cardboard box with his iconic sword, and took out the new book.

He was visibly excited and exclaimed, “Fantastic! Yes ‘Be Useful’.  It’s out! The first package full of books.” The bodybuilding legend was excited to share this new information with his fans, and also his beloved animals. He showed it to two of his pet donkeys and said, “Look at this Lulu isn’t it exciting? Whiskey look at this!” He even showed it to his prized pig Schnelly.

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Arnold even ate a chocolate cookie because of the occasion and ended the video by saying that the book was available for purchase. This book chronicles everything from his bodybuilding career to how he raised his children, and how he was raised by his father.

Arnold Schwarzenegger opens up about his bond with his father

The recent book is named after an anecdote, that Arnold’s father used to tell him while he was growing up. During an interview with People, the legendary actor, and bodybuilder opened up about his relationship with his father. Growing up in a small village in Austria, his father was an army veteran and became a chief police later on. Unfortunately, the violence that his father faced in World War II led him to an alcohol addiction.


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He narrated a story of his upbringing saying, “When he was drunk, he was not forthcoming with his emotions. He was angry. And when he was not—two, three days later, he would maybe feel guilty and buy us ice cream and take us out, hugging, kissing, and all that stuff.”

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Arnold also revealed that his father was a hard-working and diligent man who taught him and his siblings to always “be useful.” In the published article, there was also an excerpt from the new book that read, “There were no free passes in Gustav Schwarzenegger’s house. No free meals either. I had to do two hundred knee bends every morning just to “earn” my breakfast. Nothing works up an appetite like bobbing up and down like a pogo stick on an empty stomach.” Despite having a love-hate relationship with his father, the two-word advice proved to be the best lesson in the bodybuilder’s life.


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