“Can’t Undo the Harm”: Having Survived 3 Heart Surgeries, Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals an Often Neglected Part About Health

Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s love for a fit life is unparalleled. The 76-year-old started lifting weights in his teens for a successful bodybuilding career. He still continues to do so in his seventies to keep himself active and healthy. The 7x Mr. Olympia, known for his ripped body in the Pumping Iron documentary, turned into a fitness guru earlier this year and is on a crusade to build the largest fitness community.

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Schwarzenegger started Arnold Pump Club, a fitness and well-being newsletter, to put forward simple fitness mantras to his village. In the latest edition of the newsletter, Schwarzenegger speaks of sleep deprivation and how it affects one’s health.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s newsletter spills beans on sleep deprivation


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The Austrian Oak is known for heavy-weight duties at the gym during his bodybuilding prime. The superstar’s Hollywood career also demanded a rigorous training regime to ace action sequences on film sets. So, Schwarzenegger was never out of shape and understood the importance of fitness in people’s lives. Arnold Pump Club helps its followers by providing authentic fitness information while touching on all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. 

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The newsletter spoke about the importance of sleep on several occasions, and the latest edition added research-based evidence of how sleep deprivation can have negative outcomes. “Many people debate whether exercise or nutrition is more important (spoiler alert: they both matter), but sleep is often the forgotten component that arguably has the biggest impact,” Arnie wrote in his newsletter. 

A new study found that when you’re sleep-deprived, even great workouts can’t undo the harm,the newsletter revealed. He also delved into the results of a research study in which the participants slept only half of the usually required sleep hours for five nights and saw a decline in cognitive performance, mood, and alertness. This was seen despite an intense workout routine. Schwarzenegger advised fitness enthusiasts to get “7 to 9 hours of sleep per night.” Earlier, through his newsletter, the 76-year-old shared how he fought for life after his third heart surgery.

The Austrian Oak’s fight for survival after third heart surgery


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Despite living a fit and healthy life since the beginning, Schwarzenegger had to undergo multiple heart surgeries due to an underlying congenital heart condition, a bicuspid aortic valve. But the Terminator icon fought to strengthen himself again after each surgery. 

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But in 2018, the Governator struggled to get back on his feet after the third open heart surgery. However, he returned to the gym and soon transformed himself, to shoot for a $196 Million film. “So we did it because I had a positive attitude I knew exactly how I’m gonna get there I had the support system,” he once stated about his recovery journey.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger never compromised on his gym and diet routine. He followed a disciplined lifestyle in his earlier years and still continues to do so in his 70s. Do you find Arnie’s advice on sleep useful? Let us know in the comments below! 

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