“Can’t Be at My Best”: $ 400 Million Rich Mark Wahlberg Makes Honest Confession on His Struggles With Consistency at Workout

While it all starts with a ‘how to get six-pack abs in 10 minutes’ videos for most of us, the goal of every lifter and bodybuilder changes with time. Despite the age-old saying ‘age is just a number,’ there is no denying that the human body gets weaker and fragile as we grow old. It is only normal to feel a bit demotivated or weaker as we age. As revealed by Hollywood icon Mark Wahlberg, he also faces the wrath of aging and often wants to miss a workout session.

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This is where a smart workout routine holds its importance. It is extremely important to change your workout style as well as diet as your goal and age change. In a recent interview, Wahlberg opened up about how his goals have changed over the years. He also admitted that he faces difficulties in maintaining consistency with his workouts as well as times.

Mark Wahlberg makes an honest confession about his fitness journey


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Hollywood star Wahlberg is renowned in the fitness and bodybuilding sphere too because of his ripped physique. He says that despite being 52 years old, he likes to start his day with training first thing in the morning. However, in an interview with People.com, he admitted that the wrath of aging is a bit challenging for him. 

“I probably feel like that almost every day,” Wahlberg states, however, “I know what the feeling is going to be like after. That’s hard to duplicate,” he added. Continuing further, Wahlberg pointed out, “If I cut corners, then I can’t be at my best. Everything that I’ve done, that I’ve been successful at, is done by doing the work.”

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Wahlberg reveals what keeps him going with his fitness journey


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Wahlberg admits that his focus has switched from achieving aesthetics to aiming for longevity. As he ages, he realizes that he feels good after a training session. This is why he aims to train in such a way that he can continue with his fitness journey for as long as possible. However, he admits, “cardio days are tough for me,” Wahlberg says, “For me, now, it’s much more about longevity than anything else. You know?”

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Talking along the same lines, he disclosed, “I encourage everybody, even if you just work out for 10 minutes, you’re going to feel better. We’re all very fortunate and blessed. You want to live as long as possible. You want to be able to move, and certainly, you got to do it.”


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What are your views on Wahlberg’s dedication and determination toward a healthy life? Let us know in the comments.

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