“Cannot Get Time Back on This Earth”: IFBB Pro Coach Fears the Worst Amidst Alleged Steroid Use and Shocking Diet of 21Yo Fitness Sensation

In the realm of bodybuilding and to achieve a gigantic muscular body to compete, athletes have to espionage on certain types of diet and workout regimens according to their beneficiary. However, recently, a social media sensation has been criticized on the internet for his poor food choices, which are considered deviating from the basic diet and workout regimens followed by bodybuilders to achieve a significant physique. Sam Sulek gained popularity for his beast-looking body in a short period.

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Therefore, because of Sulek’s physique, people speculated that at this age, he gained muscles like pro bodybuilders. They suspected him of using steroids. But recently, he took the internet by storm for his dietary. It became a tremendous concern in the fitness community.

Greg Doucette disapproved of Sam Sulek’s lifestyle


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The IFBB Pro coach and YouTuber, Greg Doucette, known for his brutal honesty and unbiased reviews, recently shared a video discussing a 21-year-old’s diet regimen, and his words lambasted the fitness influencer.

Doucette opened up about his life and said that he’s happy at the age of 48 and didn’t want to die sooner, for that he’s been taking care of himself to live longer than possible. He was disappointed with Sulek. “Please remember this: you cannot get your time back on this earth. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. You want to live as long as humanly possible,” stressed Doucette.

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In addition, the 48-year-old coach said confidently, “And I can tell you when you’re young and you’re experimenting drugs it feels like it’s worth it but as you get older, you’re going to look back and say why did I do this why was I doing that.” He warned not just fitness influencers but people who seemed to not care to try something that looks fine at a young age but it will affect their lives later. Greg delved into his physical attributes and affirmed that he refrained from utilizing any form of steroids, as he has an outstanding physique.


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The fitness influencer split the internet

Sam Sulek does not need to take Tren. He already has an amazing physique. He looks incredible he hasn’t even competed yet, so why abuse performance-enhancing drugs he doesn’t need to?” emphasized Doucette. Well, the conversation of him, having unhealthy food didn’t just stop there, where everybody was only criticizing him, a veteran bodybuilder came forward and stood for him.

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Lee Priest McCutcheon explained in his reel that Sulek’s having a good time enjoying his food and workout sessions, making videos out of it. And he must be taking good care of his health too. There’s no need to criticize him. Instead of judging, let him live his life the way he wants.


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Sam Sulek has divided the internet into two parts, where people are raising questions about his diet, while some people are supporting him, in such a situation, what do you think, how will his lifestyle affect his followers? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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