“Can Even Shrink Your Brain Size”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Debunks the Age-Old Myth About Red Wine Protecting Your Heart

With his decades of knowledge and experience in the field of bodybuilding, Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most influential and knowledgeable people in the fitness industry. Despite being 76 years old, Schwarzenegger follows a healthy lifestyle, trains daily, and consumes a strict diet in order to stay healthy. He often uses his daily newsletter, ‘Arnold’s Pump Club,’ as a medium to convey tips and advice related to fitness and life to his fans. In the most recent edition of his daily newsletter, he talks about the consequences of drinking alcohol, especially red wine, on our bodies.

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While he debunks an old myth regarding red wine, the bodybuilding legend also backs it up with relevant research. Let’s take a look. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger takes on an age-old myth


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Even though the negative effects of alcohol are very well known to almost everyone at this point, there is still a long-prevailing myth when it comes to red wine. While it is often believed that red wine is good for heart health, Schwarzenegger wrote in his newsletter, “Recent research suggests that red wine does not help protect your heart health. And more importantly, consistent alcohol consumption is linked with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and higher blood pressure.”

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Schwarzenegger, who used to mix his protein with alcohol back in the day, even explained that the effects that alcohol would have on your body also depend on your genetics to some extent. And that’s not all! “Another study of 36,000 people suggests that one drink per day can even shrink your brain size,” Arnold wrote.

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Schwarzenegger has always preached to create and maintain a balance between everything in life. He continued by giving a solution to this by revealing the appropriate dosage for consuming alcohol.

But how many drinks are too many?


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Schwarzenegger further pointed out that “poison is always in the dose.” He explained that even though the effects that alcohol would have on your body depend on your genetics, it is always wise to restrict your consumption.

“If you want to be at the lowest risk, research suggests drinking no more than two to four drinks per week,” Schwarzenegger wrote. He further suggested not consuming more than four drinks daily and not more than eight to ten drinks per week.


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While Schwarzenegger himself occasionally enjoys a nice glass of wine, it is always wise to keep your alcohol consumption in check. What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments.

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