“But USA Is the Land of Free Right?”: Brazilian Bodybuilder Missing Out Mr. Olympia Due to Visa Problems Upsets Bodybuilding Fans

Mr. Olympia is one of the most prestigious events in the realm of bodybuilding. Elite bodybuilders spend over six months prepping to bag the title for themselves every year and the win is one of the most decorated and celebrated ones all year long. However, it is sad to see that despite all the preparation and hard work, some are unable to make it to the stage.

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In the 2023 Mr. Olympia championship, almost eight athletes, who have great abilities to compete, will be unable to participate on the stage because of visa issues. Well, the announcement of the Brazilian bodybuilder, this time, clicked a nerve in the fitness community with so many restrictions. 

Halanny Jully will not be competing in the Olympia


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The official Instagram page of Bis and Tris, @bisandtris and @bisandtrisnation, shared a picture of the Brazilian bodybuilder posing in a shimmery purple bikini set, and she looked absolutely gorgeous in her perfectly muscular and ripped physique. The amount of hard work that she put into her transformation is clearly visible in the picture.

However, her hard work will not pay off, the reason being the USA’s visa policies. Just like the Iranian bodybuilder, she too will not be able to reach the stage of Mr. Olympia 2023 because she was denied a visa. On the picture, they wrote, “Brazil’s Halanna Jully to miss out on the 2023 Mr. Olympia following a denied visa request.”

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She had been awaiting confirmation all this time, and finally, the sad news came from the embassy in Brazil last Friday. The announcement sent shockwaves all over the internet, and the entire bodybuilding community is completely enraged at the policy that is barring talented individuals from reaching new heights.

Fans left upset at the announcement of Halanny Jully’s visa update

The entire fitness community was completely enraged at the final verdict on the visa issue of Halanny Jully, given her exceptionally aesthetic physique. They made diplomatic comments like, But the USA is the land of the free right?! 🙄” and Ppl act like the world ain’t in a crisis right now. There are travel bans all over”


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One of the followers, absolutely overwhelmed with the situation commented, This is getting ridiculous.” While another unable to control his anger wrote, Is this like 8 Olympians now? Wtf is going on”. A fan expressing the same rage commented, What the hell? Why is this happening the border situation is atrocious. Makes no sense. That sucks.” What are your thoughts on the ongoing cancellation of participants from the Mr. Olympia 2023, due to visa reasons? Let us know in the comments section below!

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