“Bro Spent $75,000 to Look Like a Pencil”: Fitness World Rips Into 22 YO Man, Who Performed ‘50 Medical Procedures’ on His Body

Bodybuilding is mostly considered as a sport of passion. Some only see bodybuilding as an end product. They want to achieve a particular physique at any cost. This can lead to unhealthy and unsustainable practices. A YouTuber recently called out one of these individuals for their unhealthy bodybuilding practices. Fans have trolled the individual and their consequences.

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In the video presented by @Arcdelio on YouTube, yet another peculiar yet viral clip came forward. The entire video focused on an individual’s ventures into the bodybuilding world in the most disregarded way.

Fitness enthusiasts’ extreme expenditure to gain the desired body


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In the video, a 22-year-old boy listed down each and every part of his body, which he altered with a large sum of money. He began with a declaration that he had already made 50 procedures on his body. Then, the individual pointed out that his Bicep implants were 8500 bucks. He stated, “Pec implants cost another 8000.” He did not hesitate to inform that even his butt implants go as high up as 5000 bucks.

Furthermore, the individual also announced the total cost of his procedures. Instead of blurting out a number people could relate to, the honest figure made everyone’s jaw drop. He pronounced, “I’m looking at about 75,000 dollars”.

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The audience got to perceive such an insane amount of money was spent on a body. When they took into account the output of it, the audience dropped their criticism.


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Audience heavily criticizes another fitness influencer

One of them stated, “bro spent $75,000 to just look like a pencil”. Another one commented, “Guy could have hired a dietician, trainer, bought a gym membership and then a new car. Probably could have achieved that physique in like 2 months of moderate effort.” Yet another pointed out, “He gets a million implants and looks like me before I even started lifting 💀”. While another person commented, “Yikes, what this guy did is sad.” Last, but not least, someone else remarked, “I swear the person who gave him the implant knew how silly it was so they bumped the price up to see how far he would go”.


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In the sport of bodybuilding, there is no shortcut. Those who think the seemingly easier way can help them win in life usually are wrong in that accord. Do you think the physique he obtained with that amount of money is justified? Let us know in the comments below.

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