“Bowel Movements Have Become A1”: Chris Bumstead, Who Battled Autoimmune Disease in the Past, Shares Stomach Savior Secret as He Preps for 5th Olympia Title.

From joint pains to mental stress as well as an autoimmune disease, Chris Bumstead has faced it all. Despite having all these thorns to cross, the four-time Classic Physique winner does not give up on his dream of winning the Mr. Olympia title for the fifth time. Just like all other contenders, Bumstead is not leaving any stone unturned while sculpting the best physique for the bodybuilding competitions that are happening in November.

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However, there are always new bridges to cross, and this time, Bumstead is facing another health problem. The bodybuilder, who is always calm and composed, is still showing the same serenity even in this state and also has a savior that cures this health problem.

Chris Bumstead shares his savior’s name


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He shared an Instagram story update where he disclosed the name of the product that saves him from acid reflux. Even if acid refluxes are a common phenomenon, they are unbearable at times and might stop Bumstead from having a proper workout session.

Bumstead gave a picture of dietary supplements from Revive and wrote, “These 2 have honestly helped my digestion a lot this prep.” Bumstead, who suffers from IGA nephropathy that affects the kidneys, also talked about digestion. He said, “Digestion is so important in bodybuilding; I can never stress this enough.”

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The aesthetic bodybuilder explained, “When restricting calories a lot, I often get acid reflux; this has completely fixed that (so far this prep). Throw this in my morning and evening shake, and bowel movements have become A1.” Since he cannot eat vegetables during his bulking due to his autoimmune disease, he needs proper supplements and digestive medicines to help his body stay healthy.

During the off-season, Chris Bumstead has almost 10% body fat, and he needs to bulk up. Bumstead generally avoids vegetables. He also has IGA nephropathy, which is an autoimmune kidney disorder that causes swelling in the person’s kidneys, legs, back, and stomach. However, Bumstead is on the road to recovery, and he does not let any form of his problems or anything else stop him from achieving his goals.


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The bodybuilder with the Greek god physique is eyeing his fifth Mr. Olympia title, and he might win it this time as well. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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