Born in a Town of 6,000 People, Youngest of Seven Kids Jay Cutler Shares a Heartfelt Truth About Growing up in His Family: “We Never Imagined We Would Ever Leave”

The world knows Jay Cutler as a four-time Mr. Olympia champion, the epitome of dedication and physique perfection. However, behind those sculpted muscles lies the story of a young boy from a small town, the youngest of seven siblings, who never imagined stepping out of his hometown, let alone traveling internationally.

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Hailing from a town in Sterling, Massachusetts, with a population of just 6,000 people at that time, Cutler’s humble beginnings are a testament to the fact that it’s not where you come from but where you’re headed that defines you. Family vacations were a rarity for the Cutlers. International school trips or exchange programs? Those were beyond Cutler’s realm of imagination.

Jay Cutler: The first step into a larger world


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In a recent video posted on his YouTube channel, Cutler opened up about these formative experiences. “We never imagined we would ever leave,” Cutler said. It was only at the age of 25, thanks to Ed Connor, that Cutler had his first taste of international travel. Germany beckoned, and he embarked on what would be one of his most memorable trips.

The novelty of being in a country where he couldn’t speak or understand the language was both challenging and exciting. In Germany, he stayed with a local named Thomas, and despite the language barrier, they tried their best to communicate. These experiences were the foundation of memories that Cutler still cherishes.

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Ed Connor played a big role in Cutler’s life. He asked Cutler to live with him in 1993. While there, Cutler was around the special feeling of Gold’s Gym and many famous bodybuilders. Cutler underwent a significant transformation. He recounts putting on an astonishing 20 pounds in just one month. “The aura of Gold’s Gym and being around the greats… I would train twice a day and sleep,” Cutler reminisces. This transformation, however, didn’t go unnoticed.

The return of Cutler to his hometown and his people’s reaction


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When Cutler returned to his hometown after this transformative period, the reaction from his friends and acquaintances was nothing short of astonishment. With a 20-pound weight gain and tales of training with bodybuilding legends like Flex Wheeler, Cutler was the talk of the town. Everyone was curious about the ‘California secret’ that had caused such a drastic change in him.

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Gold’s Gym, during Cutler’s time there, was not just a gym. “When you walked in Gold’s Gym, oh dude, but I remember seeing so many freaks, dude, the gym had all these crazy, oh God, they would dress crazy”. Cutler recalls witnessing some of the most eccentric characters. It was a world apart from his hometown, a melting pot of diverse personalities and dreams, all united by a passion for bodybuilding.


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Jay Cutler’s journey from a small-town boy to an international bodybuilding icon is inspiring. His story is a poignant reminder that irrespective of one’s background, with passion, hard work, and the right opportunities, anything is achievable. Jay Cutler’s legacy is not just his titles and accolades but also his indomitable spirit and resilience.

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