Bodybuilding Sensation Making 5 Figures on OnlyFans Reveals Her Supplement Intake After Much Curiosity Over Her Jacked Physique

The bodybuilding sport has relatively few female athletes compared to their counterparts. However, women have been involved in body-building and gymming in recent years to build a toned muscle physique. Vladislava Galagan, popularly known as Kendall Jenner’s doppelganger on social media, is a pro bodybuilding icon. The 27-year-old, who has 1.6 million followers on Instagram, recently revealed her supplement intake. 

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The ripped physique of the Russian bodybuilding model makes even men envious. Hence, the curiosity behind Galagan’s super-jacked physique is never-ending, and now the OnlyFans fitness model wants to reveal her top three supplements. 

The truth behind Vladislava Galagan supplement intake


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The fitness community often thrashes bodybuilders for steroid usage to bulk up, as the side effects of it are often detrimental. The jacked frame of Galagan also made netizens assume her gains from PEDs. But the supplements Vladislava Galagan recently revealed in her post don’t suggest so. Complying with her fans’ request to share supplement intake, the model posted an elaborative video on Instagram. 

As I promised today, I will go through the top 3 supplements that I use on a daily basis and why,” she said at the start of the clip. The first supplement Galagan endorses is magnesium, with a recommended dosage of 400mg a day that would help in maintaining blood sugar, producing body energy, and proper muscle function. “I personally take 800mg a day as it helps me to avoid muscle cramps,” the OnlyFans model revealed. 

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Galagan also takes Omega 3 supplements to boost her nail, skin, and hair conditions and enhance her hormone function. And the last is multivitamins. “A must-have supplement that will help you complete the required daily dosage of the essential vitamins And you cannot possibly get it from just eating food,” she said in her post. Earlier, the OnlyFans model earning five figures spilled beans on her steroid usage. 

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Kendall Jenner’s dead ringer’s honest confession 


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Bodybuilders of the current age accept taking PEDs to enhance their muscle growth. The feminine features contrasting her musculature made many people on the internet question Galagan’s bodybuilding practices. She was quite often criticized in the comment section of her posts. 

But the Vladislava Galagan came out clean for her followers. “I do short cycles. I’m not all year round on them like others. Since I do pro competitions, it’s something that u do to play it even. But I never rely on them 100%, that’s why I do bare minimum and invest time and hard work instead,” she said while commenting to a fan. 


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Vladislava Galagan is increasing her follower count on social media with her bodybuilding aesthetics. She is even relentlessly trying to be transparent about her practices. Don’t you think it is quite appreciated? Let us know in the comments below. 

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