Bodybuilding Legend Who Won 6 Mr. Olympias Without a Coach Once Regretted Sharing His Training Secret With a Rival: “Don’t Make That Mistake Again”

Dorian Yates won six Olympias with his monstrous back and technical training methods and introduced the mass monster era in the bodybuilding industry. The man who used the high-intensity training method for his workouts never failed to impress the judges. The man who used the trial-and-error method to understand what was best for him regarding training had found the optimum exercise regime that would make his back humongous. However, Yates had committed a mistake by telling someone about it.

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According to musclemindmedia, Dorian Yates, who won the Olympias without a coach, had told his exercise routine for a massive back to his rival. His action backfired, and he recently recalled what had happened.

Dorian Yates regrets talking about his secret


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In a recent YouTube short video, The Shadow spoke about his rival, Kevin Levrone, who posed as a big competition for him. Levrone had defeated Ronnie Coleman several times. He even competed with the Mass Monster Yates and took second in Olympia in 1992 and 1995.

Levrone had an aesthetic physique, while Dorian had a massive muscular structure. However, the monstrous back that Levrone had displayed was with the help of Yates, and he regretted it. He said in the video, “Actually, I only trained with one of my peers that I competed with, and that was Kevin Levrone. I remember we were at Fivo in Germany. I met Kevin Levrone in the hotel.”

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After meeting at the hotel, Levrone suggested that they work out together, and Dorian agreed. He further said, “At 7:30 in the morning, we trained back in this cold, dark gym. And we trained back together, and I showed him how to do bent-over rows properly.” Dorian could understand that Kevin was extremely capable and strong. He explained that he realized, “Kevin was a strong guy, man.” After they trained their backs together, it was time for the competition. Yates had noticed that the next time Kevin came to Mr. Olympia, something had changed about him.

He said, “And guess what happened? Kevin came to Mr. Olympia the next time I saw him with a suspiciously improved back, so needless to say, I don’t make that mistake again, showing people what to do.” So The Shadow had seen that the bodybuilder from Maryland, who had defeated Coleman, had a similar back structure to himself and decided not to share a secret with anyone again. However, it’s all in good sport because even Levrone helped out his rival Coleman once.


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Ronnie Coleman got to know Levrone’s secret

Dorian Yates and Kevin Levrone dominated the Mr. Olympias from 1992 to 1997. Ronnie Coleman was also competing at that time, but neither had the aesthetics of Levrone nor the massive muscularity of Yates.

He had tried his best but finally had to ask Levrone for his secret. Instead of an exercise, Coleman got a recipe. “Pulls up a cup of coffee, pulls up a bottle of vodka, and pours it into the coffee. Drink this,” said Coleman, recalling Levrone’s words. Even though the ex-police officer was apprehensive about it, he gave it a shot. “So I drank the vodka and coffee the next day at the show, and I beat Kevin. I messed up this little streak that was going on. I think that was the last time Kevin Levrone ever beat me,” informed the Hall of Famer happily.


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So maybe Yates and Levrone should not have shared their secrets for the perfect body. Or maybe they did the right thing. What do you think?

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