Bodybuilding Legend Flex Wheeler Weighs In on Erin Banks’ “Massive Mistake” Ahead of Mr. Olympia: “That Happens When You Are Too Arrogant and You Think You Are Untouchable”

The bodybuilding world is extremely excited for the upcoming Mr. Olympia season. With less than a month left for its venture, most bodybuilders, whether participants of this year or the years gone by are eagerly waiting to witness history in the making. At the onset of this, many critics and retired Pro bodybuilders are coming up with their predictions for this year. Moreover, they are also listing down the advantages and disadvantages certain bodybuilders have in regard to the competition at hand.

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Erin Banks is known for winning the prestigious title of Arnold Men’s Physique competition. He had been the talk of the town for a few reasons, and owing to that, his idol, Flex Wheeler, commented something about him that shocked the fanbase. Let’s find out what Wheeler had to say about Banks.

He’s made a mistake: Flex Wheeler


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In the recent YouTube video titled, “OLYMPIA FINAL PREDICTIONS WITH BOB CHICK, FLEX WHEELER, SHAWN RAY, CHRIS CORMIER AND TERRICK” posted by OlympiaTV, all the mentioned bodybuilding experts made their choices. When asked, Flex Wheeler did not hesitate to mention Erin Banks’ grave mistake. He stated, “I think that was a massive mistake he made and uh that happens”. Additionally, he also remarked, “That happens when you’re too arrogant and you think you’re untouchable.”

Furthermore, Wheeler did not disregard Banks’ talent and capacity for his passion, bodybuilding. Thus, Wheeler never tried to show any disrespect, instead, he accepted Erin Banks’ achievements. He retorted, “The guy’s been on a winning streak. I think what he’s won like his last five competitions.”

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Flex Wheeler is known as the uncrowned Mr. Olympia. Despite not winning, he still gave tough competition to many bodybuilding legends. However, that is not the only upsetting thing about him. As he opened up about his sad story, fans felt empathy for the retired bodybuilding legend.


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Flex Wheeler’s sorrowful life

In one of his latest Instagram reels, Flex Wheeler was reported to talk about the struggles he goes through on a daily basis. He talked about his health concerns as well as how he had been mentally affected. Wheeler thus remarked, “You’re a millionaire. Been there. You lost millions, been there. You got problems, been there. Suicide, been there.”


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With Mr. Olympia knocking at the door, and the official last predictions out, everyone was eager to see the bodybuilding stars posing on the stage. Only time can tell whether the previous winners can maintain their streak, or someone new will snatch the crown from them. Do you have any predictions of your own? Let us know in the comments below.

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