Bodybuilding Legend Flex Wheeler Pens a Heartfelt Note to His Student, Who Was Crestfallen After Losing Mr. Olympia Amateur: “I’m Honored to Be Your Coach”

In the realm of bodybuilding, victory is not all about winning trophies or titles. Rather, it is about one’s capability to show their tenacity in the face of defeat. That’s when a true legend is born to make history. Perseverance despite setbacks isn’t a cakewalk for all. Only a few people shine and rise to see dawn after dark. 

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Flex Wheeler’s trainee is counted among those whose resilience and potential go high above both victory and defeat. Wheeler recently penned a heartfelt note for him that fell flat on his face at Mr. Olympia Amateur. However, here is something that Wheeler did to awaken his inner drive

Flex Wheeler uplifts the spirit of one of his students 


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Flex Wheeler is indeed more than a bodybuilding legend. The man has a heart of gold and never leaves a chance to encourage his fans and trainees. He always comes up with something that has the potential to alleviate the distress and double the happiness. In his recent Instagram post, he did something encouraging that set a joyful tone for Foued Zaatar, one of his students who lost the Mr Olympia title. 

Wheeler said, “Thank you for your kind words and encouragement! It’s great to hear that despite not achieving the desired outcome, you still recognize the value of the knowledge and insight gained from your efforts.” “As your coach, I appreciate your recognition of my dedication and focus, and I share in your excitement to continue our journey together towards reaching the number one spot.” 

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Elaborating his words of encouragement further, Flex Wheeler said, “With hard work, determination, and the lessons learned along the way, we can strive for success and finish what we started.” Showing no sign of listlessness from writing a long note, the four-time Arnold Classic champ went on to say, “I’m honored to be your coach, and I’m confident that with our shared commitment and effort, we can make progress and achieve our goals. Let’s stay focused, motivated, and dedicated as we work towards reaching that number one spot.”

On the other hand, being grateful to Flex Wheeler for support and encouragement, Foued Zaatar had also penned a heartfelt note for his coach.


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Foued Zaatar’s heartwarming words for Wheeler 

Despite facing defeat in the competition, the aspiring bodybuilder didn’t forget to honor his coach. In a heartfelt caption, he conveyed, “They say that every setback is a setup for a comeback, and that’s exactly how I feel after my journey of preparation this year.” Not taking defeat to heart, he further added, “Despite not bringing home a medal, this experience has been nothing short of transformative.”

Zaatar wrote, “I want to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude to my coach @officialflexwheeler for being the guiding force behind this journey. His wisdom, and support pushed me beyond my limits, and for that, I am thankful.”


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Flex Weeler seems to be the man who wears his heart on his sleeves and hence, he couldn’t hide his emotions and penned a long heart-touching note for his student’s defeat in Mr. Olympia Amateur. What do you think about the coach and his ward? Let us know in the comments.

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