Bodybuilding GOAT Ronnie Coleman’s “600g of Protein and 6000 Calorie” Diet Intimidates Fitness YouTuber: “Could Feed a Full Kindergarten Class”

The eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman’s legacy is unforgettable, his journey still inspires the young and aspiring bodybuilders. Youngsters always seek to have a body like Coleman’s, the well-defined and shredded physique he owns. To maintain such impeccable shape, he followed a special kind of diet with over 6000 calories a day. This is not an easy task for anybody to consume such calories in one day.

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However, a fitness influencer and YouTuber, Will Tennyson, tried Coleman’s massive calorie diet and his training routine. He uploaded a video on his channel, sharing his experience with followers.

Social media sensation tried Ronnie Coleman’s 6000-calorie diet for a day


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Tennyson started his YouTube in 2015, with the motive of spreading more awareness of healthy lifestyles. He started making videos on nutrition advice, fitness, and workout regimes. His commitment, consistency, and interesting videos have engaged over 2.18 million subscribers. He recently collaborated with seven-time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath.

Moving on to his latest post, the 29-year-old influencer started the video by stating, “I’m going to be trying eight time Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman’s bulking diet and training.” He began his morning routine with breakfast, which contained a few egg whites, grits, and coffee. To make it high in calories just like Coleman used to have, he added a rich amount of cheese seasoning.

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After making this breakfast he moved on to eating and before that made a comment on his first meal of the day,” All I can say right now like this thing this could like feed a full kindergarten class and honestly like this is probably as heavy as some people’s deadlift attempts.” His full-day diet contains 5 meals a day.

Even The King found it difficult to follow a rich-calorie diet

The second meal was totally based on proteins and carbohydrates, two 16-ounce portions of chicken breast, cornbread, beans, and 1.5 cups of brown rice. Third meal: 16 ounces of chicken and baked potato. Fourth meal: 5-ounce portion of chicken breast, turf-style steak, fries, and baked potatoes. Afterward, the final meal of the day contains a small part of chicken breast, corn, and baked potato. Tennyson managed to follow the complete diet.


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However, one of the old videos of Coleman revealed that it was really hard for him to continue eating five meals a day because he had a full-time job. He had to keep pace with his five-meal-per-day routine. A former police officer gently intervened to say, “But I had to one more meal, so I had to get up in the middle of the night while I was sleeping.” His dedication to accomplishing his dream of becoming a bodybuilder paid him off. Do you think you can survive The King’s ultimate 6000 calories per day diet? Tell us in the comments below.

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