Bodybuilding GOAT Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Physical Priorities Extend to His Pets as Well: “I Don’t Want a Pig That’s Too Fat”

This might not come as a surprise to anyone that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a huge animal lover. Having tons of pets at home, some of the pets that the legend has owned might shock you. Even more surprising is the fact that his girlfriend once gifted him a pig for his birthday. 

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Being a pet parent for ages, the bodybuilding legend knows a lot about this. During his time with Ryan Holiday recently, he talked about being a pet parent and what it takes to keep a pet like a pig or a horse at your home. Even though he explained that keeping a pet requires a lot of space in your home, another struggle that he faced was to keep his pig away from food to ensure he stays in a healthy body weight range. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger explains the struggles of keeping a pet pig


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What initially inspired Arnold to get a pet pig was when he first saw George Clooney with his pet pig Max back in 1997 on the sets of Batman & Robin. After a while, Schwarzenegger got a cute hog for himself. However, due to his children’s mischief, he had to send the pig to a farm. The children fed the pig so much that he became way too fat. 

Knowing this from experience, Schwarzenegger explained during his interview with Ryan Holiday that a pig has a very large appetite. “The pig just wants to eat, so I just you know…they dig and all that stuff, so you just have to kind of put them into an area where there is no food so that you can protect the body weight a little bit. I don’t wanna have a pig that is too fat, you know. I just want to keep it like around 50 lbs,” Arnold said. 

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But what exactly was the mischief of Schwarzenegger’s children due to which he had to give up the pig? Let’s take a look.

The story behind his pig getting way too fat


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‘The Austrian Oak’ previously disclosed that his children got into a competition with each other about who could feed the pig more. Even though it was a miniature pig and was supposed to stay small, it started weighing over 300 lbs. Unfortunately, Schwarzenegger had to give up his pig as a result. 

Schwarzenegger stated, “My kids started going on this know like, who feeds this animal more food…all of a sudden this pig ended up being 300 pounds! It’s supposed to be a miniature pig! So i had to send it to a fat farm. I mean imagine how crazy that is.” Now, years later, his girlfriend Heather Milligan gifted him another pet pig that he has named Schnelly. Learning from experience, Schwarzenegger ensures that he does not overfeed the pig. What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments.


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