Bodybuilding Coach of 330 Lbs ‘Nigerian Lion’, Primed to Win the Olympia, Clarifies a Myth About Taking a Drug “Empty Stomach”

As the bodybuilding’s prestigious event, Mr. Olympia 2023 is getting closer the excitement is going higher. However, the competitors are also gathering a lot of support from their fans on social media. The contenders keep posting images of their shredded physiques and conveying powerful messages. Amid these posts, they are often blasted with questions about training, nutrition, and supplements.

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Recently, the IFBB Pro Coach Milos Sarcev took to his Instagram and engaged fans with a Q&A, session. He posted an image of himself along with Fouad Abaid and the strong contender in the Men’s Open Division, Samson Dauda.

Milos Sarcev replied to a myth related to steroids


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The Serbian Bodybuilder candidly shares insights of the sport and the performance-enhancing substances. He captioned the picture by saying, “question was: how do you like your chances?” Fans of sport bombarded his post by asking many questions. One particular question caught his eye, which revolved around the timing of drug intake.


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The user asked him, “Milo’s (Milos), do you ever advise athletes to utilize l-phenylalanine on an empty stomach?” While responding to his concerns Sarcev replied, “@mikeferny710 … I never had anyone take isolated LPA…but always as a EAA combo…which is always taken on empty stomach – in between the meals…pre/during/post workout…and/or in the middle of the night – in case anyone goes to bathroom.” This exchange of words shows that the bodybuilders have to pay a lot of attention to make their performance magical on the stage.

It’s not just the substances they take, it’s their training and eating healthy and right according to their needs. Paying attention to these things can make a huge difference in their overall well-being. That is the reason behind the Nigerian Lions’ astonishing transformation in just a few months. During the Arnold classic, his body was not as massive as it is now.


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Samson Dauda’s transformation is jaw-dropping

Sarcev, however, a few days ago, shared Dauda’s before and after post on his Instagram. He captioned the IG video caption that read, “Can’t photoshop video footage 😉… Or can you? 🤔 @samson__dauda 7.5 weeks OUTrageous!” The difference between these two images amazed sports enthusiasts.

The IFBB pro coach’s video post showcased Dauda’s previous body and his transformed and super-jacked physique. His body now has more definition than before. He has achieved a gigantic shape for the upcoming event. As the Olympia approaches, the thrill is beyond one’s imagination.


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As the IFBB pro coach asked in his post, what are the chances? What do you think who would win the title this year? Let us know in the comments section.

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