Bodybuilding Beast Who Quit the Sport Weeks Before Mr. Olympia Confesses the “Biggest Initial Relief” From His Decision: “Used To Consume Your Entire Being”

The road to earning a name and fame in the realm of one’s passion is not just about achieving milestones and accolades, it often unravels a path to self-discovery. The legendary bodybuilder, who quit just before the Mr. Olympia championship, has achieved both. However, now he thinks it is time for him to embark on yet another new journey.

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The bodybuilding beast and the IFBB pro fitness coach Iain Valliere made the brave decision to retire from the professional realms of the sport, in order to find peace for himself in the future. Turns out that this was one of the best decisions taken by him. The legendary athlete recently went on to reveal the source of his relief.

What was Iain Valliere’s initial relief after retirement?


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In a recent episode of the GIVR podcast hosted by Melissa Valliere, Iain Valliere was featured talking about his post-retirement journey and how he felt about the entire thing. The episode was named, “Leaving the stage behind and becoming track stars.” In the podcast, Valliere went about explaining how he was actually relieved after his retirement.

“My ability to kind of, you know, get my meals in a timely fashion which might be getting me anxious in terms of like am I going to you know be like an hour late for my meal and then it’s going to push back to next hour,” he said.


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He even added about the relief he had from not having to worry about getting all groomed for a competition. He added, “I’m going to be stuffing them together. I’m going to be freaking stuffed and or I’m going to be up till 3:00 in the morning getting food in um you know that’s definitely the biggest initial relief is just the food aspect for sure.” 

What made Iain Valliere quit all of a sudden 

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Iain Valliere announced out of the blue that he would be quitting the professional realms of the sport. His decision was made purely on the basis of his lack of interest and passion for competing on a stage. He had earlier said, “We’re here to announce my departure from the stage of competitive bodybuilding. Yeah… I don’t even know where I start with this. This wasn’t a decision that came quickly. This is something that’s been on the back of my mind for well over a year. I think over the last few months it started to creep into my mind as more of a reality.” 


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While Valliere was all set to begin his new journey, giving up on something that he had always dreamt of was not an effortless task. He took the decision after a long span of contemplation. Even after getting a direct ticket to the 2023 Mr. Olympia after winning the Toronto Pro Show, he chose to retire, as competing did not excite him anymore. What are your thoughts on the sudden retirement of Iain Valliere? Share with us in the comments section below!

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