Bodybuilder Who Was Just a 7-Year-Old Toddler When Arnold Schwarzenegger Won His 7th Olympia Title Challenges His Training Method: “Risk of Injury”

Seven-time Mr. Olympia winner and incredible actor Arnold Schwarzenegger never fails to share his unapologetic advice on the right way of training. He has always broken myths about different kinds of exercise in his daily newsletter. He has also talked about how working out till failure benefits the person by increasing the levels of resistance and strength. However, another legendary bodybuilder, who was just seven years old when Arnold won his seventh Olympia did not agree to this.

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Four-time Olympia winner Jay Cutler, recently uploaded an Instagram story about his newsletter, Jaymail where he described the harmful effects of training till failure.

Jay Cutler disagrees with veteran bodybuilders


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In his latest newsletter update on Instagram, Jay Cutler gave a snippet of the fitness information for this week. He went on to talk about training till failure, which both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mike Mentzer propagated. The first thing written on the mail snippet was as follows: “There are lots of reasons why I don’t believe training to failure makes sense, but there is one which really stands out for me. Risk of injury!” So, according to Jay Cutler, the intense training method, without stopping and going to failure, might be injurious to the body.

Arnold had once written: “Here’s a simple rule: if it’s just soreness, you can train. It won’t hurt you…” However, his junior and next-generation bodybuilding champion, Cutler seems to disagree with this notion. However, Schwarzenegger had also warned people that there was a difference between soreness and pain. He had said that if it is, “real pain like if you touch it, take another day off it’s not worth it..”

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Technically, all bodybuilders know when to balance and went to stop, even if they talk about challenging one’s body and pushing towards failure. There is no point in training if one injures their body. Cutler has previously advocated for the same and advised people not to train for failure.


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Cutler opposes extreme training

During a previous workout session with Urs Kalescinki, the ‘Comeback Kid’ spoke about his disapproval of high-intensity repetition of exercises. He said, “I didn’t train for failure… My reps weren’t pushed to that, so it was, my recovery was a little faster.” 

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Cutler revealed that he took regular breaks between the exercises, explaining that training too intensely would reduce the volume of exercise that he had practiced in a short while. The bodybuilding legend also declared that proper food and resting were extremely important and that sleeping at least eight hours at night was significant.


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What do you think about Jay Cutler’s opinion on training to failure? Do you agree with the method that Arnie advocates? Let us know in the comments. 

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