Bodybuilder Who Died a Bizarre Death in 1992, Is Recalled by Serbian Coach Present at Time of the Death: “Could Not Even Walk to Get His Trophy”

Menace Podcast featuring Chris Cormier, Milos Sarcev Dennis James, and Fakri Mubarak discussed the six most prominent contenders of Mr Olympia in 2023. While speaking about Nick Walker, Samson Dauda, and others, the conversation drifted to the past and started talking about dehydration and low potassium, which might have a detrimental effect on those engaged in bodybuilding

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Mohammed Benaziza, or Momo, was an Algerian bodybuilder with an incredible physique. Sporting gigantic muscles, he was known as the Killer of Giants, and the IFBB pro was also a soccer player. However, Momo took a lot of steroids such as different diuretics, and got himself ripped. During the podcast, Sarcev recalled Mohammed and his story. 

Milos Sarcev talks about the legend who went too soon 


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Sarcev spoke about witnessing Momo’s situation right after Chris Cormier recalled his sickness due to high potassium. Sarcev said, “His body was so hard…” He also recalled, “I was in my room I saw everything happen… Because he looked like an absolute freak but he could not even walk to get his trophy.”

Potassium is an extremely important ingredient in the body but if its quantity in the body becomes too much that can be fatal. Mohammed also took Lasix to get himself ripped but it turned out to be dangerous. The sport of bodybuilding, especially during the professional shows, needs athletes to have the perfect body but gaining that through steroids is not often the best way to go about it.

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On the other hand, Momo even defeated Dorian Yates once in the Night of Champions in 1990. The legend was also short in stature but gave heavy competition to his contenders. A few months ago, even Rich Gaspari had talked about how injections were the cause of the legend’s death.


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Rich Gaspari blamed diuretic injections for Momo’s death

Rich Gaspari had once pointed out that abusing these drugs could lead to death, which was the case for Mohammed. Gaspari revealed that diuretics killed Benaziza in 1992. “Momo Benaziza was always kind of puffy, and then one year, he took extreme diuretics to get himself ripped. Well, it killed him,” Gaspari said in a podcast.

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Gaspari recalled that Benaziza was a bodybuilder who could get himself paper-thin. But this was done with something that was never worth it. Benaziza is just one example like countless others whose lives were taken by the over-dependency on PEDs and steroids. The life expectancy of bodybuilders may be on a downhill slope due to this and this has emerged as a major concern in the fitness world. What do you think of this scenario? Are steroids necessary for perfection? Let us know in the comments.

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