Bodybuilder Only Eating Fruits 2 Years After His Heart-Attack Shares a Harsh Reality Check: “One Meal Could Ruin You, Man”

Food is vital for survival, just like oxygen. But having too much of anything, even food is often seen as potentially harmful rather than beneficial. This is the story of a former Mr. California who had a heart attack two years ago because of his unhealthy approach toward fitness. His near-death experience was a wake-up call. The bodybuilder was determined and changed his entire lifestyle by eating healthier.

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Kali Muscle, a former bodybuilder turned YouTuber, advocates for prioritizing health over extreme achievement. Unlike many bodybuilders who overlook their health, Kali Muscle has been there too. However, he developed an incredible physique as a teen because of his massive diet, full of carbs and calories. He always wanted to become a football player, but he got spoiled because of some illegal surroundings, which led to his imprisonment for 11 years.

Kali Muscle’s transformation journey


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During his sentence, he delved into eating ramen noodles for every meal. However, he also began his weight training while serving in jail. Muscle often says that he regrets the deeds he has done in the past. After completing his sentence, he came out and began his bodybuilding career.


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To accomplish his goals, he inclined toward some bad habits that resulted in good overall physique growth but were harmful to core fitness. His heart attack incident completely changed his life. The fruitarian bodybuilder uploaded a YouTube video titled “Why I Had to Lose All My Muscle.”

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In this video, he mostly discussed his past and present food choices. He stated, “I’m down. Lost that water weight, man. It’s wild. I could eat a breadstick, gain 10 lbs. You know what I mean.. once your body is uh used to just low sodium, low sugar and you have one bite, that’s what people oh just one meal, one meal could ruin you, man. We’re back on money and muscle, man.” He further mentioned in the video that he is vlogging about lifestyle, progress, and happiness.

Muscle shares his journey and emphasizes choosing a better life

In addition, the 48-year-old emphasized that life is short; enjoy it. No judgment, just sharing ways to live happily and fully. “You start analyzing all the mistakes you made, things you didn’t try a lot of regrets that’s in at 40, and uh, you don’t want to have a lot of regrets,” said Muscle in the recording.


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The YouTuber often discusses food, its benefits, and its disadvantages. In one of his videos, he talked about the main reasons bodybuilders and fitness freaks are suicidal these days. In the list of four points, the number one reason he addressed was unhealthy food that they often ate without knowing its impact on their bodies. Do you agree with Kali’s observation that diet could be the reason for a bizarre health condition? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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