Bodybuilder Jay Cutler Is in Agreement With GOAT Ronnie Coleman Behind the Prime Contender for Mr. Olympia 2023: “He Got the Special Invitation to Get There”

The realm of bodybuilding isn’t only about building muscles and winning competitions. It is also about the rivalry that takes place between bodybuilding legends. The complicated relationship of 4-time Mr Olympia, Jay Cutler, and 8-time Olympia winner, Ronnie Coleman proves the above statement quite well. Both are considered of the most popular faces in the fitness world and people love to see them, be it in the competition or off the stage 

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The duo also has a dedicated fan following on social media that is always ready to create a buzz when there is Cutler Vs Coleman. While Coleman registered a victory over Cutler several times, the four-time Mr. Olympia defeated Coleman in the 2006 competition. Amidst never-ending battles, both Cutler and Coleman seem to have finally agreed on something.  

Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman put their money on Derek Lunsford


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In a recent video uploaded on YouTube, the 4-time Olympia winner reached out to his fans and recalled his memories. In this video, Cutler backed Coleman’s prediction about Derek Lunsford as a superior contender for the upcoming Mr. Olympia 2023. Despite their rivalry, Cutler and Coleman seem to have a similar view on 2021 Mr. Olympia 212 division winner, Lunsford.

The host for the day asked Cutler, “Do you feel like this year there’s like a front runner that like people are pushing?” In response, Cutler said, I think Derek because you know he was second last year he came up from 212 it’s kind of like a surprise right he came in and he got the special invitation right to get there.”  Earlier, Ronnie Coleman also predicted Lunsford’s victory in the next Olympia. 

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In the history of bodybuilding, the rivalry between Coleman and Cutler was beyond one’s imagination. However, Cutler has spoken about the media’s role in highlighting enmity between him and Coleman, lately. According to Cutler, the duo were not exactly rivals. Let us see what they actually were. 


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The Cutler-Coleman equation

On being asked about why people consider him and Coleman the biggest enemies. Cutler said something that still put some fans in a state of confusion. “You know people question because the magazines back then built this up to kind of hate each other, and the truth of matter is… I don’t think we, I think we had respect for each other, but we weren’t really necessarily friends.” He also added that they didn’t talk to each other over the phone.


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Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman may or may not be the greatest rivals of all time. But for the audience, it doesn’t matter whether a friendship or enmity exists between the two, as they are always ready to cheer for both the former bodybuilders. What are your thoughts on the prediction made by the legends? Let us know in the comments below.

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