“Bloody Americans… Dumba**”: Chris Bumstead Gets Absolutely Destroyed by Netizens, Moments After He Was Vulnerable About a Daily Activity

Chris Bumsted, a 4-time Mr. Olympia Classic Physique winner, is one of the most balanced and calm bodybuilders of this era. Despite having his own battles with autoimmune disease and fear over retirement plans, the 28-year-old balances his professional and personal life like no one else. The bodybuilder has other passions apart from bodybuilding which include vintage cars and the Herculean monster loves to drive monster vehicles.

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However, his recent Instagram story portrayed that even if he is a car lover, he does not know a lot of things about cars. The netizens were not kind to him after his revelation and bombarded him with comments in his DMs.

Chris Bumstead is harassed by netizens


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In a recent story, the owner of CBum Fitness and Raw Nutrition showed a picture of his car and the pedals inside the car. He captioned it with a perplexing question saying, “y does this car have 3 pedals?!? 🙃” 

The next story was more interesting since it was a screenshot of all the harsh comments fans made on the previous story and Bumstead took it very sportingly. The whole screenshot was filled with bubbles of messages with tones of disapproval or laughter. He captioned it, saying, “Most engagement I’ve ever gotten on a story😂😂.” The replies that Bumstead got in his DMs were nothing short of hilarious. All the fans looked fed up with him and some even laughed at his question.

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The man who loves cars and even went to the Curated car exhibition with some luxurious vintage cars on display did not know the basics of manual driving. The man who is adept at bodybuilding and can deadlift with his eyes closed was flustered when he tried to drive manually. 


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Fans laugh at Chris Bumstead

CBum might take people’s breath away with his aesthetic physique but when it came to manual cars, he was clueless. The answer to his question was given by the netizens who said things like, “Bloody Americans😂,” or “Lol ain’t no way all that muscle and no brain😂😂.” Some also said, “Bro has never heard of clutch before😭😁” and told him about manual cars saying, “Never drove a manual? 😂😂” One person even wrote, “Dumb***” which CBum highlighted the most in the screenshot.  Others were a bit compassionate and told him that the 3 pedals were clutch, brake, and accelerator. 

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His DMs were filled with various kinds of remarks from the fans and he loved the interaction. The handsome bodybuilder who is getting ready for his 5th Olympia took the remarks sportingly and maybe now, he will add manual driving to his skillet.


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Clearly, the man who owns ‘Fordy’ which is a Ford 1978 F150 Lariat edition, and many other luxury cars, knows about automobiles. However, he needs to know more it seems! What do you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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