“Blood and Guts”: 6X Mr Olympia’s Mike Mentzer Style Intense Training in Archived Video Sends Shiver Down the Fitness World

In the world of fitness, where workout routines seem to change as frequently as fashion trends, there’s a particular video that has left a lasting impact on fitness enthusiasts across the globe. Dorian Andrew Mientjez Yates, a retired professional bodybuilder, has etched his name in the annals of bodybuilding history.

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With six consecutive Mr. Olympia titles from 1992 to 1997, he’s one of the bodybuilding legends. He found significant inspiration in Mike Mentzer’s HIT training approach during his early days in bodybuilding. Recently, the fitness world was sent into a frenzy when Dorian Yates shared an archived video showcasing his intense training style on his Instagram account.

Dorian Yates’ bicep workout: Intensity and efficiency


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In the video, after a grueling chest workout that left many fans in awe, Dorian transitioned to his biceps routine. In just under 15 minutes, he completed a rigorous bicep regimen consisting of three exercises. He said, “After blasting my chest with four exercises, it was time for biceps. Now my chest workout took roughly 30 minutes, and a LOT was achieved! We usually took a few minutes to rest before moving onto biceps. My biceps workout was less than 15 minutes! Three exercises for biceps was on the menu.”

Dorian Yates achieved great success and built an incredibly massive body through his ‘Blood & Guts’ training method. He’s often seen as the pioneer of the “mass monster” category in bodybuilding because of his intense workouts with heavy weights that aim to maximize muscle growth quickly. He commenced his training regimen with dumbbell concentration curls and, as time went on, he transitioned to incline dumbbell curls, eventually executing both exercises simultaneously. He proceeded to EZ barbell curls. While he had previously performed them with a straight bar, he found that using the EZ bar put significantly less strain on the wrists.

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The process of weightlifting was broken down into three phases: lifting, holding, and lowering. Yates designed a training routine that promoted muscle growth and pushed his boundaries by incorporating all three phases and giving each of them their unique emphasis. The crucial element for achieving success with this program is to consistently maintain a high level of intensity throughout. Rest periods should not exceed one minute between sets, including those between different exercises. Mike Mentzer’s intense training style has ignited a surge of excitement and curiosity within the fitness community.


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What fans has to say from the fitness world?

The fan reactions to this video are a reflection of the impact Dorian Yates has had on their fitness goals. Numerous fans have openly conveyed their amazement and admiration. One fan reacted by humorously saying, “Everyones gangsta till Dorian tells you to re-rack your weights.” Another fan commented, Mike Mentzer would be proud”. The video’s ability to inspire was evident as one fan wrote, “Even though I’ve seen this footage a hundred times, I will never not watch it. Gets me fired up every time”.

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One fan commented, “You trained terribly and beautifully, you are a unique legend. Greetings from Iran to you One day I wish to see you closely, legend”. Fans also expressed admiration for Dorian’s anonymous training partner. One fan acknowledged, “I’ve seen those videos – gotta give credit to your anonymous training partner – that guy pushed you across the finish line” Another fan wrote :Best Video Ever.Legend!”


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What lessons can you learn from Dorian’s ‘Blood and Guts’ approach? How can you apply his dedication to your own fitness goals? Share your thoughts and insights in the comments below.

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