“Bigger Problem for Mortality Risk”: 55-YO World’s Strongest Bodybuilder Makes a Dreadful Revelation About 55.8 Million Americans

The bodybuilding world is always curious about the perfect diet and what to consume to have the best possible physique. In the era of social media and fad diets, there is a surplus of misinformation that surrounds the fitness world. Legendary bodybuilders like Jay Cutler or Dorian Yates always try to debunk false information about food groups. Stan Efferding A.K.A ‘White Rhino’ is also in the same group where he scientifically and logically talks about what is good for human consumption at particular ages. 

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He is a record-breaking bodybuilder who broke two all-time old records squatting 854 lbs and the three lifts that are 2226 lbs beating the former record holder Konstantin Konstantinovs, by over 50 lbs. He created ‘The Vertical Diet’ that focuses on eating proper nutrient-dense foods that are easy to digest and will help someone reach their fitness goals. He recently sat down with Chris Williamson and spoke about different food groups and the importance of consuming proper food according to age. He also spoke about the false information that certain researchers provide. Let’s take a look at his ideas.

Stan Efferding is concerned about the mortality rate in America


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The recent episode of ‘Modern Wisdom 682′, shows a discussion with Stan and Chris Williamson. The world’s strongest bodybuilder who has 35 years of experience in bodybuilding, powerlifting, and dieting gave important insights into subjects related to intermittent fasting, consuming red meat, and speaking about the gap between government health.

While speaking about the common notion that red meat might be harmful to health after a particular age, the world’s strongest bodybuilder decided to state some facts. Williamson talks about how veteran researchers and bodybuilders say that red meat is harmful to health and only should be eaten once a month. According to the ‘experts,’ red meat opens the mTOR pathways. mTOR pathways regulate the metabolism and growth of cells and too much of it can cause diseases. Chris Williamson poses the question about what Efferding can perceive that other researchers cannot.

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To this, Efferding answers, “Any protein would stimulate mTOR and the problem that you get is as we age, we become metabolically resistant at some point.” If there is less consumption of protein which comes from food like red meat, it can cause a deficiency, as the strongman suggests. He said, “A lot of people this age do not eat enough protein and suffer from sarcopenia and that can be a bigger problem for mortality risk than consuming red meat.” This can cause a mortality risk to 55.8 million Americans, according to him. He also talked about Kevin Hall, who opposes that red meat reduces longevity. Stan has advocated to consume meat as well.

Stan Efferding supports the consumption of red meat

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He has expressed his point of view on the same podcast and he said there are misconceptions regarding the consumption of red meat. As stated above, not consuming red meat not only causes a huge problem, but the combination that people use is more dangerous.


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People who do not exercise and eat more red meat develop very bad habits like drinking alcohol, and smoking, which will be bad for health in the long run. However, individuals who keep track of their card intake along with working out have positive results. Do you agree with his opinion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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