Besides Looking Like A Teenager, 54-YO Bodybuilding Hunk Is Equally Excited Like One Everytime He Enters A Gym

Bodybuilders do not primarily enter the sport because of fame or winning contests. Often, they do it out of a pure passion for fitness routines and rigorous training. When their passion equates to their profession, they get the most out of their pursuit of the sport and thoroughly enjoy the entire journey.

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The 54-year-old self-claimed Natty and the massive 270 Lbs bodybuilding beast, Mike O’Hearn, is one of his kind. Throughout his career, he has expressed his extreme interest and admiration that manifested in bodybuilding. Once again, he pointed this out to his fans.

Hearn’s inner child gets excited when he visits the gym every single time


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In the YouTube video titled, “Raw Arm Day Training With Robby Robinson”, Mike O’Hearn asked Robby Robinson to recall the moment when the latter had first walked in through the door of the gym. Then he hurriedly explained the scope of the question he asked, “The reason why I say this is when I walk through the doors I still feel 14-years-old”.

O’Hearn further explains that when he enters the gym – every single time- he resonates with his younger self, who initially dreamed of taking up the sport. Thus, he remarked, “I feel like I’m a teenager when I come to the gym.” Additionally, Mike O’Hearn declares that he cannot find any reflection of his 54-year-old self. Instead, he connected with his teenage boyhood. He said, “Today I feel like oh, it’s still that 14-year-old kid’s first time competing.”

The video also featured the bond between Robinson and Mike O’Hearn. O’Hearn extensively reflected upon his admiration for the 77-year-old.


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Mike O’Hearn asks fans to keep Robby Robinson as a goal

In the video, O’Hearn implores the fans to get inspired by the bodybuilder who still thrives in the gym even at the critical age of 77. Mike O’Hearn had repeatedly expressed his admiration for Robby Robinson. Not only did he reflect on having him as a goal and following in his footsteps when O’Hearn himself reaches his 70s, but his respect for Robinson showed visibly. In the video, he stated, “That’s what we do that’s why we do this. We love this so much.”

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Bodybuilding is a sport like any other which should be enjoyed from one’s heart and soul and not forced upon under pressure. Although many bodybuilders do not follow that simple equation of passion, both Mike O’Hearn and Robby Robinson are prime examples of genuine passion that disregards anything detrimental that comes their way, continuing their relentless pursuit.

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