“Being in Shape, It’s Just Very Broad”: GOAT Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares a Simple Hack to Achieve Your Lurking Fitness Goals

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a veteran of bodybuilding and started his journey at 13 years old in his home country, Austria. Once he knew he was capable of competing, he came to the USA and showed his prowess in Mr. Olympia and the Universe stages. He won both competitions and etched his name in the arena of bodybuilding.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger remembered his father’s advice about being helpful, and he applied this wisdom to bodybuilding, Hollywood, and politics. As a former governor and legendary action star, he’s gained a wealth of life experiences. Now, he shares his wisdom with others through his books and newsletters. In a recent video with Daily Stoic, he had an hour-long chat with Ryan about the connection between the mind and body and his life journey.

Arnold knows the hack of staying fit at any age


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While speaking about how a person finds their reason to be useful, Arnie spoke about mindfulness. He talked about having a clear mindset and a clear goal about the things a person wants in life. Then he gave the example of someone working out in the gym.

He said, “Okay you want to be in shape, what is the reason why you want to be in shape?” This question to the self was extremely important, according to him if someone wanted to get in shape. Arnie said, “Because being in shape, it’s just very broad what does that mean and how do you get motivated?” He gave examples of doctors who say that at a certain age, like 55 when people might have cholesterol and cardiac problems, exercise is the best medicine. 

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So the Austrian Oak added that a specific goal was important. “By Christmas, I wanna have 20 pounds less now you are shooting for a specific goal.” This makes a person careful about what they eat and how they exercise. So, having a specific goal is the secret hack to get in shape at any age, according to Arnie. He also shared a hack in his newsletter previously.


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The secret to getting healthy

In the previous addition to his newsletter, Arnold shared a hack that would reduce the cravings of hunger and even increase fitness. Adding one hour extra of rest to the whole day reduces hunger and also decreases the cravings for sugar and fatty foods. He said, “Adding 1 hour of sleep to your day can help support healthier eating habits, reduce hunger, and limit the likelihood that you crave foods that are higher in fat and sugar.”


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Arnie disclosed that a person who slept 6.5 hours consumed an average of 270 calories less than usual when they slept for 7.5 hours. Concluding his message, he wrote, “This adds to the growing evidence showing how sleep deprivation plays a big role in managing hunger, cravings, and total caloric intake.” Do you agree with his hacks? Tell us in the comments.

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