Bearing Through Pain For Years, 60-YO Veteran Bodybuilder’s Miraculous Treatment Gets a Nod of Approval from 8-Time Mr. Olympia

In the realm of fitness and bodybuilding pain and setbacks are not new for athletes, but for veteran bodybuilder Richard Gaspari, his journey has been nothing short of challenging and inspiring. Now at 60, Gaspari has made a breakthrough, one that promises a brighter future and could very well bring about the change he desperately sought.

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Recently, Richard Gaspari shared a video on his official Instagram. He openly talked about the injury that made him quit bodybuilding. He had a disk replacement surgery in July 2022 because of that injury. This therapy, using the Stemwave device, has the potential to stimulate the nerves in Gaspari’s arm, thereby potentially restoring muscle function. Recently, another bodybuilding legend gave a nod to the device that helped Gaspari.

Lee Haney approves of the Stemwave device


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Richard Gaspari’s saga didn’t just echo in the bodybuilding circles; it reverberated among the legends of the sport. The eight-time Mr. Olympia champion, Lee Haney, took to the comments section of Gaspari’s post, to share his admiration, stating succinctly, “This is an incredible device.”

Indeed, when titans like Gaspari and Haney communicate, the bodybuilding world listens. Their stories, combined with innovations in medical technology, weave a narrative of hope, resilience, and an amazing spirit. Gaspari’s journey stands as a testament to the old adage of fitness.

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The treatment used by Gaspari revolved around using shock wave therapy to stimulate the brachial plexus and other nerves related to the shoulder and arm. This novel approach aims to kickstart the dormant muscles, reigniting their strength and functionality. The treatment did a lot of good for Gaspari’s journey towards recovery.

From despair to hope: Gaspari’s promising recovery to fitness


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For Gaspari, the initial treatment was promising. “I felt that I was able to flex my tricep and bicep better,” he shared, underscoring his renewed hope. The journey to full recovery will be gradual, but the first step has undoubtedly instilled a newfound optimism.

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The 8-Time Mr. Olympia’s nod of approval further solidifies the potential of this treatment. For the world of bodybuilding, this could be a significant change, especially for athletes facing similar setbacks. If the Stemwave therapy proves consistently successful, it might pave the way for many others who’ve reluctantly hung up their boots due to injuries.


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After enduring years of pain, 60-year-old bodybuilder Richard Gaspari’s groundbreaking treatment offers hope to many athletes. This innovative approach, endorsed by an 8-Time Mr. Olympia champion Lee Haney, highlights the fusion of determination and modern medicine. Gaspari’s journey serves as an inspiration for countless individuals facing similar challenges.

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