Bald and in Wheelchair, GOAT Ronnie Coleman Fondly Recalls Having a Bizarre Haircut That Surprised the Olympia Crowd in 1992: “TWA Working”

The King Ronnie Coleman, who made his name in the bodybuilding world by winning eight Olympias had already started creating an impression from his very first stage appearance. The police officer turned bodybuilder was extremely entertaining on stage and even at the age of 59 he still has that cheerful and bubbly attitude. His signature “yeah buddy” still resonates with his fans, and he always meets them with the same vigor that he had, when he was young.

America’s Favorite Video Today

Coleman frequently does a lot of reaction videos and Q and As with his fans, so that they can know him better. This time he took his fans on a journey to go past back in 1992 when it was his first stage appearance in Olympia. The bodybuilder who could do moonwalks and splits, talked about his iconic hairstyle during his first Olympia stage when he made the audience groove to Billie Jean. 

Ronnie Coleman and his showstopping hairstyle


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The king might be in a wheelchair due to his multiple surgeries, and might not have the luxury of keeping different hairstyles now that he’s bald, but once he was the talk of the town for his moves and hairstyles. On August 8, 1992, Coleman appeared on the stage to guest pose and shocked the audience. He might not have won the Olympia that year, but he surely had the attention of the judges. As soon as the video started Coleman commented on his appearance, and how he was feeling that day. The King of bodybuilding remembered everything in detail, and he also whipped up the famous moonwalk by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. 

The throwback video showed Coleman wearing a jungle safari vest with a hat, and as soon as he ripped open his costume his aesthetic and flawless muscles were all on display and the fans went crazy. Then he did his iconic moonwalk, which apparently took him two months to learn. Finally, the bodybuilding champion opened his hat and showed his iconic hairstyle. While talking about it, he said, “Back when I had the mighty ‘fro’ the TWA working.” He also broke down the meaning of TWA and said, “That’s called a Teeny Weeny Afro.”

He might not have his iconic TWA hairstyle anymore but the King has the spirit of his youth. In the same performance, he might not have won a trophy. He won people’s hearts with his iconic moonwalk to a Michael Jackson song.


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Ronnie Coleman shows his signature moonwalk 

After ripping off his attire, the YoungLA ambassador started flexing his Greek god-sculpted muscles while the crowd went crazy. Each and every pose was hit with poise and power. As he was doing to the beat of Michael Jackson’s song,  he finally showed his secret move. The bodybuilding champion broke into the iconic moonwalk, and the audience could not keep their cool. He might not have won the Sandow trophy, but he definitely captured everyone’s attention from then on. 

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He was, “the first bodybuilder to ever moonwalk on a stage.” Clearly, it worked because the judges in the audience could not forget Ronnie Coleman after 1992. He had to struggle to get the Olympia but finally in 1998, he started his streak of winning the Sandow trophies. Now he has become one of the most important legends of the bodybuilding world and inspires many young bodybuilders.


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What do you think of his iconic hairstyle? Should this hairstyle make a comeback in this time? Tell us in the comments below. 

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