“Bada** Mammalian Predator”: King of Controversy, Reveals Savory “Bait” That He Caught With “Bare Fu*** Hands”

The Liver King, a.k.a. Brian Johnson, who calls himself the CEO of Ancestral Lifestyle, has been an internet sensation for quite some time now. The bodybuilding icon with a bizarre liver and red meat diet claims that he is a natural, lives like his Scandinavian ancestors, and eats animal liver to gain the purest protein. But people might not know that he is not just a nomadic man living in the wilderness but also a businessman. He has Ancestral Supplements, which, earlier, as per him, made over $100 million in profit every year. However, his life is not devoid of controversy. King has been slammed by fitness pros, like Greg Doucette, who claimed he was on steroids. Lo and behold, it was true, and Liver King came out with an apology and even lost $25 million in a lawsuit for lying to his fans.

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But now he is back again with a genuine all-animal organ meat diet and preaches the ancestral lifestyle to the fitness world. His recent reel not only shows his prowess in keeping fit but also his skills at fishing marine monsters.

The Liver King catches the biggest prey


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In the recent Instagram reel, King screamed while getting drenched in the seawater and holding a huge animal carcass as bait for a bigger fish. The Liver King said that he caught the prey with his “bare fu***** hands,” and according to him, a ‘real’ predator needs real bait to be caught. The post’s caption went something like this: “The bigger the man, the bigger the bait required to feed him… period. If you want to inherit massive strength, you need to pursue the strongest fish in the sea… and guess what, they couldn’t care less about your pack of shrimp.”

The Liver King probably was insinuating himself and further wrote in the caption, “Feed ’em what they really crave… preferably, the Liver of another bada** mammalian predator. Remember, a real beast knows that Liver is King…. and will exert 100% effort in order to overcome and win. When your reel breaks (and it will), be ready to get to f*cking work.” 

After his previous fall from grace, the Liver King is now back to his diet and has vowed to transition to a completely natural lifestyle, but even then, Greg Doucette is not happy with the ‘strongest fish in the sea.’


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Greg Doucette says that Liver King’s move is not practical

After the previous scandal with his steroid usage and his coming clean about it, the Liver King vowed to become completely natural. But Doucette had a different opinion; he said, “After abusing steroids for this long, simply going off everything is not smart.”

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Doucette pointed out that suddenly going off steroids might make the body confused, and this could lead to a dramatic loss of muscle mass and energy. Liver King going “cold turkey for 220 days” without any medical intervention is not practical, according to Doucette. Doucette also said, “Even a doctor, if he knew you were going from taking abusive levels of steroids to nothing, would want to help with the transition.”


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In the fitness industry, which is very public now and influences other people’s ideas about their bodies, there is a need for transparency and truth from the influencers. Do you think Liver King is giving the right voice with his lifestyle and ideals? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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