“Bad Ass Sick Pump”: Bodybuilding World Raves About 21 YO Steroid Enhanced Influencer Inspiring Millions on Their Fitness Journey

Sam Sulek is a 21-year-old enigma from the bodybuilding world. The bodybuilding influencer, who does not believe in eating vegetables to get protein, and also does not like the latest fitness applications, is taking social media by storm. Several bodybuilding veterans have shown concerns over Sulek’s steroid usage, but there are also others who appreciate his hard work. The young bodybuilder continues to be cheered on by fans every day.

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Similarly, in his latest Instagram post, bodybuilding icon Sulek has given a glimpse of his cutting phase, and fans did not even wait a second before flooding his post with comments.

Sam Sulek shows off his bulk


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In the latest carousel of pictures, the young bodybuilder was displaying how his fitness journey was progressing. The first picture was of him wearing a cap and completely shirtless. His muscle striations were extremely prominent even without a bronzer, and he looked Herculean with all his muscles. The next picture was of him taking a deep nap on the sofa.

The third picture was Sulek indulging in a scrumptious Subway sandwich, and the last had his adorable little kitten sitting on the top of his head. He captioned the post saying, “Cut is going well.” Some compare him to the late Rich Piana and others to Dallas McCarver, but he is building his own legacy. The fans have sometimes had divided opinions on Sulek, but one thing always remains, the rage about the young athlete’s muscular physique.

The young fitness icon became famous for his huge muscle gain in a short span of time. His dietary routine and workout even drew the attention of people like Greg Doucette, who accused him of having used steroids. However, fans have always supported the fitness regime and lifestyle of the muscular hunk.


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Fans go gaga over Sulek’s shredded body

The comments were of different varieties and some but mostly Sulek’s dedication was being praised by the fans. One follower commented on his legs and said, “The amount of quads bro.” Another fan commented, “Bro just took a picture of himself sleeping.”

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One fan compared his pecs to something interesting and said, “Bro got full-sized pillows for pecs,” while another follower wrote, “GET THAT REST IN SAM.” One fan was shocked by his biceps and wrote, “Now that is a badass sick pump.” What do you think about this young bodybuilding icon? Will he ever compete in the Olympias? Is he actually taking steroids? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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