At 76, Arnold Schwarzenegger Uses This Strange Method for Mental Clarity: “Not Being Able to Feel the Weight of My Own Body”

Despite being 76 years old, Arnold Schwarzenegger is still going strong. The seven-time Mr. Olympia has been more active on all fronts this year. On January 1, the bodybuilding legend started his free fitness newsletter. In May, the bodybuilding icon returned to acting with his first Netflix show, FUBAR, then followed it up with the docu-series Arnold. Now, the seven-time Mr. Olympia has launched a new book. And in this book, Arnold recalls a lesson his father taught him when he was young. 

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While Arnie was chasing his bodybuilding dreams, Gustav Schwarzenegger told his son to not just chase personal glory but to be useful to others. At 76, the Hollywood action star took the essence of those words, combined it with his experience, and turned it into a book. At a time when people are addicted to their phones, Schwarzenegger wrote about how he uses tech to achieve mental clarity in Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life.

Arnold Schwarzenegger finds inspiration through an unconventional method


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Throughout his career, the bodybuilding icon envisioned success. He had different ways of finding inspiration and a clear vision for the future. In his Netflix docu-series, the 76-year-old explained how he would visualize becoming the greatest bodybuilder while working out in pin-drop silence. Instead of listening to music, Arnie used his gym sessions to focus his mind.

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Besides the gym, Arnie wrote about other methods to envision his plans. “When I go skiing, I use the ten or fifteen minutes in the chairlift as a kind of sacred space to let my mind wander. It’s that way with bicycling too. No one can bother you on a bike,” Arnie wrote. However, Schwarzenegger currently uses a Jacuzzi every night to “create space for inspiration.”

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A Jacuzzi is an expensive piece of technology that uses water flow control to relax and massage the entire body. The hot water from the jets, the rush of bubbles, the hum of the machine, and “not being able to feel the weight of my own body, sharpens all my other senses,” he wrote in Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life. The Jacuzzi helps the 76-year-old focus on his thoughts and provides “mental clarity.” The former Mr. Universe also uses technology to help other people.

The rise of the machine


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Arnold Schwarzenegger starred as the T-800 in The Terminator (1984) and its sequels. James Cameron created the story and its universe. The visionary filmmaker realized the potential of AI in the 1980s and made it the antagonist of the entire saga. However, AI has only recently developed enough to cause a stir worldwide.

People are worried they might lose their jobs to AI. While a sense of panic around such groundbreaker tech is natural, Arnie is already using it to help people. Schwarzenegger has created an AI-powered voice model of himself. The AI Schwarzenegger voices the podcast version of his fitness newsletter, Arnold’s Pump Club.


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Technological advances have changed everyone’s lives. Yet Schwarzenegger didn’t let it disrupt a ritual he had practiced since childhood.

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