As the War Wages in the Middle East, Bodybuilding Legend Reverberates a Controversial Opinion: “It’s Not Political, It’s Spiritual”

The violence and brutality are spreading like wildfire in the Middle East. The infamous conflict between Israel and Palestine has continued over decades, yet people cannot resolve it because of the power they lack. In a grave situation like that at hand, when everything is going downhill and only the ordinary citizens are suffering, the world mourns for their misfortune.

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Like any other community, even the conscious bodybuilders of all eras are coming forward to express their empathy for the war victims. It is through their opinions and the ones they support that fans are exposed to the philosophies of their idol bodybuilders they look up to.

Flex Wheeler agrees with a controversial opinion


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In his latest Instagram story, Wheeler has shared a reel posted by @theradiantcity, aligning his views with what was explained within it. In the video, Lee Cummings gives a brief description of how the conflict even came into being, to begin with. He meticulously pointed out the wrong in the present circumstances. Cummings observed that whatever is going on right now in the boundaries of Israel and Palestine is strictly spiritual. He thus stated, “And it’s not political. It’s spiritual.”

Flex Wheeler’s adherence to the opinion thus publicized would definitely raise questions because of the gravity of the situation as well as the controversial aspect that revolves around it. However, while most public figures are keeping quiet on the matter, bodybuilders like him are moving forward, praying for the real victims.

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Although the Israel-Palestine conflict has been raging on quite badly recently, Wheeler wasn’t the only bodybuilder to show his sympathy towards the suffering of the citizens stuck within the chaos. Another prominent bodybuilder had recently sent his prayers to the war victims as well.


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The Egyptian bodybuilder sent his prayer

In one of his stories, Big Ramy shared a photo of brutality from the scenes of the conflict. The Egyptian IFBB Pro bodybuilder did not take any sides. And instead of showing support to only one of the groups, he understood the pain of both. Thus, he sends his wishes and prayers without any biases. Under the photo, he wrote a few lines with the most emphatic tone. He remarked, “I am not there physically but you are always in my prayers.”


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In the bodybuilding world, being the toughest is the only way of achieving their dreams. However, the current situation of mad brutality really shakes up even the toughest of all bodybuilders in the industry. As they are all expressing their views, the world is getting more aware of what’s happening outside the comfort of their homes.

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