As Ronnie Coleman’s Self-Proclaimed Son Works Out With 6′2″ 230 Lbs ‘She Hulk’, Netizens Were Blown Away by Her Size: “Her Shoulders Are Humongous”

In today’s time, bodybuilding is not only associated with men. There are many female bodybuilders who gathered the attention of people for their extraordinary talents and physique, competing with mainstream bodybuilders. However, one female bodybuilder, Kristen Nun, made the internet frenzy. Her massive body, with a pretty face, caught the attention of people. Since her childhood, she has been very active, being a part of a fitness-oriented family. She also developed an interest in this arena.

America’s Favorite Video Today

Kristen started sharing her workout and nutrition videos on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Her videos were so engaging, just in time she attained thousands of followers. Recently, she collaborated with Ronnie Coleman‘s self-acclaimed son Jesse James West, who is known for his strange content.

An epic collaboration between Kristen Nun & Jesse James West


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Moving forward, this collaboration between Nun and West was very much liked by the fans and supporters. Nevertheless, throughout her school days, she played various sports and also trained students. She was a part of the soccer team and won several national championships. Nun started her weightlifting when she was in high school and built a shredded body as a pro bodybuilder.

However, her friendly alliance with this young fitness influencer was a treat to watch as they delved into a training session. In a surprising turn of events, they tried oddly unique exercises. Jesse asked during one exercise, “I didn’t know that was an exercise,” The 38-year-old bodybuilder replied in the video “Yeah I made it up,” they both shared a laugh afterward.

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Further, James also tried this unique training. “This is the weirdest workout I’ve ever done in my entire life. Oh my God, that might be the weirdest exp of my life, but it’s really good,” said the 23-year-old YouTuber. However, the netizens appreciated the hilarious yet intense drill they performed.

Fans were amused by their friendly alliance

One fan was so shocked to see to gigantic upper body, and said, “Her shoulders are humongous.” Another fan appreciated Kristen’s body and said, “Her physique is phenomenal, tho!” Many people expected this session to be the most intense drill. Instead, “I was expecting a total roid-pumped monster. But she’s kept it at a decent level. Lovely girl.”


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There are other people who felt envious and wrote in West’s video, “ Lucky Jesse workout with the coolest girl in the industry.” The praise for Nun didn’t just stop there, one complimented her voice, and wrote, “I’m surprised how attractive her voice is,” many people accused her of using steroids, but fans defended her and said, “Nothing about her is Fake..she is Real Deal.” 

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