As Mr. Olympia 2023 Nears, Nigerian Bodybuilding Giant “Struggles” to Maintain His Perfect Physique

Samson Dauda, the Nigerion Lion of bodybuilding introduced the world to his unparalleled prowess and strength after he won the Arnold Classic title. He has a history of hardships that led him to the most amazing victories of his life. The muscle man is loved for his unshakable passion and devotion to bodybuilding. No matter what comes his way, he doesn’t know about backing out. Instead, he steps ahead with courage and vision. 

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The lion is now up for the upcoming Olympia 2023. Though he will be competing against bodybuilding beasts such as Hadi Choopan, etc, he seems fearless and is all set to make history this time as well. Just a few days before the competition, he had an amazing interaction with his fans and followers just to let them know his pure intention for the championship. He opens up on many things from intense abs training to owning supplements.

The Nigerian Lion made an appearance on the internet before Olympia


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In a recent video posted on his official YouTube channel, he brings up Olympia, his hard-core training, supplement, and several other facts that are going to play a major role in days yet to come. The bodybuilding beasts talked about his first-owned supplement introduced from his signature line when went out earlier. Samson Dauda has always dreamt of having his own health supplement and now that his dream has been fulfilled, he seems thrilled and proud of himself. 

Along with this, he soon started an intense workout for shoulders and abs. To pump the muscles, he gets into crunches and other crucial exercises. Once done with the shoulder workout, the Nigerion Lion realized that it was a tough part of the training, and owing to this, the energy level went down. 

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Realizing the fact that with such a low energy level, it is hard to keep going with the workout, he said,all right guys so shoulder session done and yeah we just managed to get through that one man obviously energy level is quite low so it’s all struggle to get through work out at this stage.As Olympia 2023 is going to take place soon, he further said, “we’re 11 days out from the Olympia right now uh every session it really counts for everything man we only go literally more or less one series session left.” 


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Dauda seems to leave no stone unturned to win the upcoming Olympia title. To stand out in the competition, he has made himself tougher than the competition and this journey is not 1 or 2 days but he has spent months after months to reach this level. He recently was seen flexing his muscles as part of the preparation.

Samson Dauda flexing his muscles before Olympia 

Samson Dauda took to Instagram where he shared a video of himself flexing his physique in front of the mirror. After embracing victory in Arnold’s Classic competition, he seems to have a heart for the upcoming Olympia title too. He captioned the video, “In the words of Thanos, “I’m inevitable.” In the video, the Nigerian Lion flexes his chest as he goes on to set up his phone to capture in front of the mirror. The Arnold Classic champ posed flexing his arms and pumped thighs with the iconic side pose. 


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The Nigerian lion is all set to go on a journey to acquire Olympia’s title after a historic win at the Arnold Classic championship. Before the competition, he put more effort and power into implementing the training routine. What’s your take on his preparation?

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