Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Work With Powerlifting in the Special Olympics Earned Him a Grand Honor From President George Bush Once

Arnold Schwarzenegger is not just any bodybuilder. He has earned respect and won millions of hearts in probably every professional spectrum of his career. Be it bodybuilding, acting in movies, or being there for the citizens and representing them as a political figure, Arnie has arguably done his best in every respect. Thus, when he did something that was considered commendable by people, former President George W. H. Bush honored him.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has won seven Mr. Olympia titles. But that’s not all he has acquired. Arnold’s quality of treating everyone equally and taking the initiative to help those in need is something unique. For that, he received one of the most prestigious honors for his conduct.

Arnold Schwarzenegger received the honor from former President


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In his latest interview with The 92nd Street Y, New York, Arnold Schwarzenegger reflected on his memory lane and mentioned the moments when he felt America had given him a lot, and in return, he must contribute something else as well. He thus stated, “I remember I started up with Special Olympics to become a trainer. I used what my talent was, which was, that I knew about training. So, I trained special Olympians. And help them to start with powerlifting.”

Furthermore, Arnold Schwarzenegger also pointed out that the initiative he took did not restrict itself only to America; it became a worldwide practice, which brought him much success in his initiative. He remarked, “Because of that work that I did, President Bush asked me to become the chairman of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness.” He was honored with the position, and he later traveled in all 50 states and promoted health and fitness among youngsters.

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In his new book, Arnold Schwarzenegger has talked about some of his insights and thought processes that no one knew before. As he talked about his career in different fields, he revealed something unexpected.

Politics was Schwarzenegger’s favorite professional field, as it gave him an opportunity to serve people


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Largely known as a bodybuilder, it is only expected that for Arnold Schwarzenegger, bodybuilding is the most favorite part of his life. Although he had equal fame in the entertainment world and in the political sphere, he chose a favorite. Among other things in his book, “Be Useful,” Schwarzenegger has also reflected on his preferences. The ranking of his occupations, shockingly, left bodybuilding behind, something he chose to enter later in life.

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Arnie had different opinions when it came to his profession. He talked about how all the other aspects had taught him so much, but nothing has been as informative as politics. He remarked, “It was an opportunity to soak up all this information about the way our society runs”. He revealed that he liked politics because he could serve people and help them out. Some of his other acts, such as training the special Olympians, have previously attested to those intentions.


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Schwarzenegger’s initiative to use his knowledge and help those who are usually overlooked earned him much respect from people around the world. What do you think about Arnold’s initiative? Let us know in the comments below.

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