Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Savors the Big Moment as His Ambitious Prophecy From 18 Months Ago Finally Comes Alive at Time Square

Arnold Schwarzenegger became an action icon in Hollywood. When Arnie’s children were born, they spent time with their father on sets of different films. After growing up in such an environment, his eldest son developed a passion for acting. Soon enough, the youngster followed in his father’s footsteps and started his acting career. About a year and a half ago, the actor made an ambitious prediction for his career while standing in the middle of Times Square.

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On September 18, the day of his 30th birthday, a fan sent Patrick Schwarzenegger a video clip from Times Square. The bold prediction the actor made 18 months ago had come true like a prophecy. So Patrick Schwarzenegger took to Instagram to savor the moment.

Patrick Schwarzenegger’s prophecy


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A day after his birthday, the bodybuilding icon’s son uploaded an Instagram story. Schwarzenegger claimed a fan had sent him the clip he posted as his story. “Someone sent me this last night. Time Square on my Birthday!!!” wrote the 30-year-old actor. The person who took the clip stood in the middle of Time Square and spun around 360 degrees. However, there was something special in the clip.

One of the many giant billboards on Times Square displayed Patrick Schwarzenegger as a ‘supe’ in the upcoming Amazon Prime series Gen V. The actor stars in the show as one of the ‘supes’ or superhumans from The Boys universe. The show itself is a spin-off of the massively popular Amazon Prime show, The Boys. A few hours later, the eldest son of Arnold Schwarzenegger added another story.

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In the third story, the actor wrote about how he had filmed the video. “This was a year n half ago. Manifested this!” he wrote in the story. In the video filmed 18 months ago, Patrick Schwarzenegger made a proclamation. “In one year, maybe in two years actually, I will have some kind of billboard in Time Square,” said the actor. It looks like his prophecy came true. However, the show that got him to Times Square billboard shocked his father.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was taken aback 

One of the unique aspects that made The Boys is that it didn’t shy away from showing violent scenes. As a parody of the PG-13-approved superhero films, The Boys embraced ultra-violence. Its spin-off, Gen V will be no different when it hits Amazon Prime. So when the 30-year-old showed Arnie a behind-the-scene picture, he flipped out.


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While Arnold Schwarzenegger is no stranger to seeing fake blood in film production, even he was taken aback. He looked at me and he was like, ‘What the f*** are you filming?’” Patrick Schwarzenegger told Variety in an interviewHowever, the bodybuilding icon didn’t discourage his son from working in the show.

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Just like his father, Patrick Schwarzenegger had a vision of success and worked hard to make it a reality. However, even he might not have thought how accurate the prophecy would turn out to be.

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