Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Defends Mother Maria Shriver’s $10 Million Brand Against Unexpected Complaint by a Diabetes Patient

Patrick Schwarzenegger might not have gone into bodybuilding like his father Arnold Schwarzenegger, but he has pursued the Silver screen. The 30-year-old is not only an actor but also a wellness advocate who founded a $10 million company with his mother Maria Shriver. Mosh PBC is a company that is mostly concerned with brain health. The mother-son duo has built a company that sells protein bars that help stimulate brain function. They started the company in 2021 but the products finally hit the off-line scenes in 2023. 

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However, recently, there was a Twitter post from a follower who claimed that the protein bars might be too high in sugar.‎ Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son had some clarification about this verdict.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son defends his million-dollar company


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Patrick Schwarzenegger decided to share an article about Mosh PBC written by Los Angeles Business Journal where they talk about the company’s new launch to help Alzheimer’s disease. Maria Shriver has always been an advocate for more conversation about Alzheimer’s after her father was diagnosed in 2003. So the mother and son decided to include a fundraiser for Alzheimer’s disease.

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Schwarzenegger Junior shared the article on his Twitter account, and captioned it by writing, “This is great!” However, there was a follower in the comment who had a complaint against some of the protein bars that the company was selling. They said, “Please change the recipe so it’s more healthy, too high in sugar and carbs.” 

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Patrick was quick to reply to the comment in a very polite manner, and he said, “We have no added sugar… only 1-2 g total. And 3-4g net carbs..” He clarified the exact amount of sugar and carbs that were used in their products so that the follower did not have to worry. The follower who is diabetic, again refuted, “Patrick I ordered a few boxes last spring, my sugars ramped up so fast, It tasted like heavy sugar. I thought it was higher than that and very unfortunately I had to send them back.” However, they were grateful for his reply and wrote, “I’m grateful you stepping forward on an awesome cause!TXs for sharing, hard for diabetics.” Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son, whom he had with his ex-wife Maria, is very proactive when it comes to looking after his consumer’s needs. 

The $10 million business was not set up in one day. It had a lot of planning and hard work behind it. Patrick Schwarzenegger had revealed about it previously.

How did Patrick Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver start the company?

During an interview with LA Business Journal, he said that they had already managed to acquire $10 million in revenue and this is just the beginning. The two-year-old company is going to be productive in the fields of health and fitness.


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Maria Shriver has always been an advocate for Alzheimer’s disease. She has written several books about it, runs an NGO for the same, and also has produced an award-winning documentary named The Alzheimer’s Project. Patrick Schwarzenegger revealed, “I said to her, ‘Why don’t you create something that raises money for Alzheimer’s (and) raises awareness about how what people eat impacts the brain health.’” 


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One thing that has been passed down for generations in the Schwarzenegger family, starting from Arnold’s father is the notion of being useful to society. Both he and his children, as well as his wife, have done a lot for society and the fitness world. Patrick’s dedication to his consumers is also a sign of his dedication to the company. Where do you think Mosh PBC is going to go next? What venture might the mother and son take in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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