Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Millionaire Son, Who Co-owns a $10 Million Brand With His Mother, Worries About “Absurd” Gas Prices

Besides conquering the bodybuilding world, Arnold Schwarzenegger built up his wealth through entrepreneurship. In the 1960s and 1970s, Arnie became a millionaire through his successful construction business, where Franco Columbu was his partner. Schwarzenegger’s 30-year-old son is also following in his father’s footsteps and, within three years, has built a successful protein bar brand, Mosh, with his mother, Maria Shriver.

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Recently, Patrick Schwarzenegger spoke about how the business has generated $10 million in annual revenue. The mother-son duo also secured $3 million in funding to expand into the retail space. However, Arnie’s millionaire son highlighted a problem affecting all Americans on multiple levels.

Patrick Schwarzenegger believes that current gas prices in the US are unreasonable


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In a recent post on X (Twitter), the 76-year-old fitness icon’s son highlighted the issue of rising gas prices. “Gas prices are absurd right now,” wrote the bodybuilding icon’s son in his post. While the 30-year-old didn’t elaborate further, the rising prices have created problems for all citizens. High gas prices are an even bigger problem in the US, as the vast majority drive cars.

While increasing oil prices have affected public transport, the impact is greater on car owners. According to Forbes, high demand for crude oil and a low supply rate have pushed gas prices upward this year. The war in Ukraine has also impacted the oil supply. During the pandemic, oil companies cut back on production, and before they recovered, the war disrupted the production supply again.

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The current US retail gas price is sitting at $3.963. While it’s lower than $4.001 from last week, a year ago, prices were lower at $3.771. Furthermore, Forbes stated that OPEC+ will cut oil production by 2 million barrels from October. The cut might further hurt gas prices in the US. Raising gas prices is also one of the reasons why many, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, are embracing electric vehicles.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has embraced electric vehicles


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In the 1990s, Arnold Schwarzenegger endorsed the Hummer. The Hummer was the civilian version of the US military’s Humvee light armored car. The vehicle became notorious as a gas guzzler. However, the 76-year-old no longer endorses vehicles that waste gas and pollute the environment. In fact, Arnie has embraced EVS. He became the owner of the world’s first electric Hummer.

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Last year, Arnold Schwarzenegger collaborated with BMW. He starred in a viral ad with fellow actor Salma Hayek. The advertisement was for BWM’s electric vehicles. While the Hollywood action icon owns various military vehicles, like a Patton tank, he uses them only for special occasions, such as raising money for his other charities.


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While Patrick Schwarzenegger is worried about the absurd gas prices, things might not improve for a while. In fact, prices might continue to rise in the days to come. What is your opinion on the current gas prices?

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