Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Girlfriend Fulfilled a Bizzare Wish That Was Ruined by Children 26 Years Ago

This might not come as a surprise to anyone at this point that Arnold Schwarzenegger is an animal lover. Having tons of pets in his past, as well as at the moment as well, some of the animals that he has as a pet might come as a surprise to many. Arnold was recently featured on an episode of the renowned talk show, ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live.’ Amidst many other things that the bodybuilding veteran talked about on the show, he also gave insights into a rather strange choice for a pet that he has at his home. 

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Schnelly Schwarzenegger is a cute little pig that is the latest member of the Schwarzenegger family. When asked about why he decided to bring home a pig, he revealed that after a failed attempt to keep a pet pig inspired by Hollywood star George Clooney, Schnelly was a gift to ‘Arnie’ from his long-term girlfriend Heather Milligan.

Arnold Schwarzenegger opens up about the special gift that helps him fulfill his wish


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Working along with George Clooney on the sets of Batman & Robin in 1997, Schwarzenegger stated that Clooney had a pet pig named Max who used to follow him around everywhere. Like all the others present at the shoot, Schwarzenegger also admired the cute hog and decided to get one too. However, due to his children’s mischief, he soon had to give away the pig. Years later, his girlfriend Heather Milligan gifted Schwarzenegger another swine that he named Schnelly.

While talking with Jimmy Kimmel, he stated, “My girlfriend gave it to me…I always wanted to have a pig because George Clooney, when we did Batman & Robin with him in the 90s, and you know, he had a little pig with him and it ran around with him all over the place…so that inspired me.”

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But what was the reason why Schwarzenegger had to give up his pet pig years ago? Let’s take a look.

Schwarzenegger reveals how he had to give up his pet on a farm


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‘The Austrian Oak’ explained that his children got into a competition with each other about who would feed the pig more. While the pig was supposed to be small, it weighed over 300 lbs because his kids fed him a lot of food. As a result, he had to give his wish of keeping a pet like his inspiration for George Clooney.

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Schwarzenegger stated, “my kids started going on this know like who feeds this animal more food…all of a sudden this pig ended up being 300 pounds! It’s supposed to be a miniature pig! So i had to send it to a fat farm i mean imagine how crazy that is.”


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However, things took a turn when his girlfriend gifted him another pet pig. While a pig as a gift from your girlfriend might sound weird at first, the story behind it is surely adorable. Let us know your views on this in the comments. 

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