Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks Raising $500,000,000 as California Governor to Ensure Increased Safety for Kids: “This Is Where Teenage Pregnancy Happens”

Former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently released his first self-help book, Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life. The 76-year-old promoted his book for months before its launch. On launch day, Schwarzenegger spoke at The 92nd Street Y, New York. In the interview, Schwarzenegger talked about why he raised $500 million for kids in California, drawing applause from the audience.

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The 92nd Street Y, New York YouTube channel recently uploaded Schwarzeneggre’s one-hour talk with Ryan Holiday. During their conversation, Schwarzenegger spoke about the life experiences that inspired him to write Be Useful and certain things he did as the governor of California.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and after-school programs


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The seven-time Mr. Olmypia spoke about his belief in after-school programs. The bodybuilding icon said he learned about the necessity of after-school programs thanks to his involvement with the Special Olympics. “I saw those kids roaming around after 3:00 when the school was over,” said Arnie. The Terminator star realized that 3:00 to 6:00 was the “danger zone” for many kids.

“Because there’s no one home,” added the seven-time Mr. Olympia. The Governator revealed that 70% of American children live in households where both parents work. However, unlike their children, the parents have longer shifts at work. Hence, unsupervised kids often fall in with the wrong company. “Crime happens; this is where teenage pregnancy happens; kids get involved with drugs, with gangs, where kids get incarcerated,” said Arnie.

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So, Arnold Schwarzenegger started his foundation, After-School All-Stars, three decades ago. After becoming governor, the bodybuilding icon lobbied for after-school programs across California and the entire nation. The former governor said he raised $500 million after speaking with legislators. However, he had to convince them with proof.

How effective are after-school programs?


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Schwarzenegger understood the gravity of using $500 million of taxpayer money to fund an initiative. So, he wanted to know how effective the programs would be in the long run. “The Rose Institute in California did a study,” said Arnie. The study convinced Schwarzenegger, and he cited it to convince the legislators.

While the Austrian Oak stepped down as governor over a decade ago, he is still involved with after-school programs. His foundation, After-School All-Stars, has grown exponentially. The former Mr. Universe also holds charity events, where he auctions off memorabilia from his films to raise money for the cause.


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As an immigrant who fulfilled his dream in America, ensuring the safety of kids is one of the many ways Arnie likes to give back to the nation.

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